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  • nakatoad nakatoad Mar 21, 2012 7:56 PM Flag

    Bromance? Yes! Brad is worthy.

    Certainly. Brad is by far the best leader the gas equipment manufacturing, leasing, and maintenance industry has seen in 25 years. It is invigorating and inspiring to have a leader that immediately cleaned out the useless, misguided, value destroying former enron executives that had taken refuge here. We paid dearly for giving an enron company CFO a second chance at EXH. The outcome was all too predictable in hindsight.

    You are still wrong about natural gas pricing. We are not a producer. We care about volumes of gas to be treated, processed, liquids seperated and gas compressed and cooled. That is growing and will grow for decades thanks in part to ample supply creating steady prices and prompting more demand. Pipelines, processing plants and gas power gen for as far as the eye can see.

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    • Brad you should not post stuff like this on company time. This is mis-leading propoganda -- not to mention illegal. What would the SEC say?

    • You must work for Exterran, because you can't even spell separation,or understand the process.
      Keep blowing smoke, I enjoy the comedy.

    • boblarkson Mar 26, 2012 1:43 PM Flag

      Maybe before putting the superman cape on him or hanging him he should get a chance to prove himself. Let's see what the 2012 numbers are before voting for sainthood. His 5 months have not been long enough. Dumping Anderson was a good first step, but where are the rest of the dumps?

      Since 2007 revenue has been up and down. Gross margin has made a steady decline from 33.9% in 2008 to 27.5% in 2011. SG&A has gone from 10.2% in 2007, the last year a profit was made, to a whopping 14.5% in 2010 and down to an extremely high 13.4% in 2011. The only reason SG&A went down in 2011 was due to the mass exodus of employees departing, not the few pink slips for a couple of Admins and Shop Guys last year.

      The numbers are all facts straight out of the Annual Reports. Declining margins and increasing increasing SG&A has only 1 cure. Some of the over paid VP's and Directors need to go.

      He made one tough decision and Anderson is gone, when do we see some more?

    • There are about 4 people who read these boards.

      Not thousands. That's why Yahoo! boards won't move the stock price and your propoganda is useless.

      I'm fairly wealthy from trading stocks, I must know something.

    • This web address doesn't change. There is no "surfing" required. Think before you type.

      Thousands of employees read these boards and have become disheartened by comments from outsiders, shorts, and disgruntled employees. It is important that these employees open their own eyes to what is happening around them since the undisputedly terrible top executives were sent packing.

      The change has been brisk, accept it, participate, join Brad in the great reconstruction after the long ruinous reign of the Enron banker CFO Anderson and the short rule of the accountant CEO Ernie.

      Both are very likable on the surface, but it is a facade that hides very insecure, flawed leaders incapable of intelligent decisions, and consequently very destructive to employees and investors alike.

      A new world of thoughtful strategic leadership has been born under Brad. The contrast is stark. Enjoy the revival. Don't be misguided by the shorts posting to these boards.

    • Nakadumby,

      If you actually work for the company.....GET TO WORK!!! STOP SURFING THE INTERNET!

      Quit messing around. Stop all this touchy-feely management stuff.

      You are not cut-out to be a trader, kiddo. You will sell within 15 months.


    • I am quite excited about our prospects. Say what you will but I like working for a company at the bottom looking up at all the great prospects.

      Always remeber we are the largest and most capable player in the industry. We have more resources at our customer's disposal than anyone.

      Positive attitudes are emerging in droves from a very very long winter under several horrible leaders. The excitement has returned. I like going to work again. Be it an Apple or an Orange, prospects for healthy careers have returned.

      Maybe your particular location will be revitalized one day and your demeanor will change from sour to joyous. I expect with Brad in the lead the prosperity and positive attitudes will spread to all locations worldwide in short order.

    • You have many business misconceptions. Would there be a tech dominating Apple without the return of Jobs (an insider)?

      The CEO & CFO matter more than anybody else.

      You mentioned Rob Rice and Enron. Please! Rob was a victim of people like Anderson. He was a lttle guy at enron both literally and figuratively. He has become an excellent and respected operational leader with many years of strong operating and financial performance to back him up. I am certainly glad to have him leading North America.

      Anderson was a CEO and CFO of a large enron venture that resulted in Public investor losses similar to what Exterran has seen under his leadership. As a wall street banker he certainly knew what was going on there but clearly he follows the big payday and joined the party.

      The lesson is clear, short whatever dog house Anderson crawls into next.

      Also consider the EXH valuation was much lower when gas prices where 50% higher. Low gas prices and ample supply and growing demand make Exterran a predictable growth business for private investors and GE alike.

    • I am sorry that your "bad" boss has not been fired yet.

      The fact is that we have a new CFO and CEO and they set the direction and tone for the entire company. For the first time in a very long time they are building value and organization rather than destroying the company for short term personal, financial, and political gain.

      The people at the top matter. Your boss, not so much. He will fall in line.

    • will sell within 15 months. I guarantee it. You will lose faith and you'll move on to some other pump-n-dump.

      I suggest that you get a job where you create value. Trading stocks is not for you.


      • 1 Reply to markareeno
      • Really? Unfortunately for you the performance numbers back me up.

        You board posters have all been negative for years and rightly so. I watched this board continue to be way too negative even as Brad quickly cleaned house and put things in order. I disputed your negativity at the bottom. You ridiculed me, but the stock went from 8 to 14. That is how opening your eyes to reality pays its reward. Replacing Anderson alone was a game changer and all the indication any intelligent employee or investor needed to see that a revitalized company is emerging.