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  • nakatoad nakatoad Apr 6, 2012 10:54 PM Flag

    All the negative posts are from one person

    Readers need to know that all the negative post are made by one person using multiple ID's. As you can see there is no substance to any of the posts. This is somebody who is short EXH and wants the stock to go down. It could be Anderson or one of his goons.

    Brad has been wildly successful and made more than 10 years worth of returns in just several months. Our annoying buzzy bee poster can not overcome that fact with his nonsensical proclamations and insults.

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    • boblarkson Apr 9, 2012 11:04 AM Flag

      Since you guys like to whine so much, how about addressing the almost 3 Million dollars that the senior managers got as bonus between January and today for the stellar performance of EXH and EXLP.

      Guess who the big winner at EXLP was? You got it Michael Anderson getting almost $100,000. When did he get canned? I guess it was after March 4th. $100,000 is quite a send off for him. Maybe Brad should have canned him a bit sooner and saved $100,000.

    • All the positive and sexual posts are from one person.

      You have said that there are enemies in the HR dept, Thetans in the board room, change agents in the bath room, and that EXH is going to $30...........and that you have a bromance with Brad.

      Nak-a-load, you are one arrogant and stupid individual. And probably poor.