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  • saniel_dangler saniel_dangler Apr 9, 2012 12:29 PM Flag

    EXH Headed Back Below $10


    Well this goes right along with what I have been saying.

    EXH's stock price is driven by the price of gas.

    High gas prices = High EXH stock price.

    Low gas prices = Low EXH stock price.

    Gas prices are not going up any time soon, which means even if EXH gets its cost in line the bottom has not been found. It is a falling knife.

    Therefore I predict that EXH will be back below $10 before the end of April.

    There is nothing Brad can do but cut cut cut.

    Cut me.


    Saniel Dangler

    This topic is deleted.
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    • And here I thought EXH was in the business of making and working with the apparatus that contains the stuff,
      not where it is found, or how much is around?

      but then to think about it,

      How many ***** who live on some trading desk actually thinks for self, or knows what they are buying and selling that is behind their hot/cold comfort zone..

      while telling regulators and the public there is no speculation in our energy markets, they buy and sell
      energy based on what Greece did yesterday...

      One thing for sure, and it can put a hurt on small investors ------------ energy traders can smell the gas that escapes along the path the rest of the crowd
      has taken....

    • My dear boy, you have been proven wrong once again. You are not nearly as intelligent as your namesake.

      Brad is great. Daniel is better. A more perfect dream team could not be had.

    • $1 ng would be great for EXH. Demand would explode. Public policy would transform with ng costing 1/10th oil and being domestic. This is great news for Exterran but not producers. Don't confuse the two.

      • 1 Reply to nakatoad
      • Clearly producers are producing plenty. That is what the article said.

        Plus we don't care if its coming from storage or wellhead as long as it is being compressed. If anything the need to super-compress limited storage will increase compression demand.

        You keep missing the point. Final demand has been increasing and it'll fly at $1. Power generated with NG with be equivalent to the utilities printing money. Think of all the power hungry industry that will return to US and fully utilize their existing plant capacity.

        A low price will ensure NG is the fuel of the future.

        This boom is great for EXH. Brad will capitalize upon it.