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  • nakatoad nakatoad Jul 2, 2012 9:23 PM Flag

    Brad up 70%!

    Brad has got this ship turning around! We are winning large contracts because only we can perform on them! We are the only reliable high quality professional choice. Brad is even wrestling cash from thugs like Chavez that walked all over Brad's predecessors.

    Removing Anderson and installing brilliance is all it took to get this place is humming.

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    • boblarkson Jul 10, 2012 6:22 PM Flag


      You obviously are an Exterran Accountant with your crazy 70% number.

      Brad was appointed Acting CEO on 10/24 and the stock is up 42% since then. He was annointed the golden child effective 12/12 and the stock is up 30% since then.

      Both excellent performances, but he did not do anything to achieve that performance. There have been no changes since he took over. Exterran has won some business as a result of the shale gas volumes but other than that what has he done. Give us some concrete examples besides riding the coat tails of Williams who got a promise from Venezuela.

      How do you calculate 70%? You cannot pick arbitrary low and high dates for your calculation.

      Does the Venezuela connection have something to do with the Williams cryo plants in the Marcellus?

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