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  • chevyrocks3 chevyrocks3 Sep 16, 2002 7:16 PM Flag

    Advance auto parts service is terrible!

    Before any longs trash me, I would like to say I shop Advance most of the time frankly because I have no where else to go. I used discount auto parts most of the time before the merge. I avoided Advance do to the service. Advance is always undermanned. They don't have enough computers and the parts inventory is less than discount. I tried to buy some Heli-coil today. None. Discontinued now that Advance owns both. It may be a good sign Advance stays so busy right now but if I get another alternative, I'm taking it. I wish an autozone would come to town. My 2c.

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    • We now carry Helicoils.

    • Advance has some good people working for them.
      From what I see, they are busy. My main gripe is that every store I go into is always undermanned. It's not the sales guy fault.

    • I think most people would agree that when it comes to Auto parts in most cases there are three main ingredients to selling them..Location, convenience, and lastly are they in stock and do they have the right parts when a customer neeeds them.....all companies have good stores and bad stores......If I didn't work there I would go to whatever store was on my side of the street....even if the store on my side of the street had a record of being out of stock I would call them first to see if they had what I needed before I crossed the streeet.

    • i worked for advance for 8 years. i left this year and i would work there again if i could. the service depends on where you live and the attitude of the people in the store. i believe that if an employee wants to be there they give better service, rather than the employee that is just there for the paycheck.

    • Each store is different, I agree. Motivation, character and commitment by each individual, regardless of the manager, is what will give the store a good reputation for service. We are more apt to be forgiven for our mistakes if we try to always be friendly, honest and helpfull. On the other hand I wonder sometimes about the phrase " the best part is our people". Looking at the finacial statements it seems as though the best part is to be an officer and enjoy the $80K to $400K bonus!!!

    • Napa's prices are to high. I hate them more than advance.

    • Each store is operated by an indivual manager, and that stores people are in away as good or better than him/her. A good manager will train thier people well and will always pay attention to what the weaker employees are doing, or saying, and listen to the more experinced ones to increase thier knowledge too. Each company has it problem stores, and always will. The problems with advance is that they quit listening to the managers, the dm's have less stores now, so they have more time for meetings with corp, telling them what they are doing wrong. So the dm. Now can e-mail all at once, so he doesn't have to visit the stores. And listen to the teams, and see what they feel. The merge/takeover was good, but you forgot to bring one thing from discount auto parts with you. The better go back and learn how to do it, or you will never relize your dreams............................i still regret leaving the company, but i feel they abandon me first...speak up managers and let them hear you before you move on...i also wonder why no one bothered to contact me on my exit interview, that i submitted. Just another fact that corp. Does not care...

    • If they were selling her prestone extended life then it is also dexcool approved. Your wife probably got a minimum wage cashier to help her. Nobody can afford to have a full staff of ase certified parts specialists on call. No store is perfect, not autozone, not advance, or even the almighty NAPA. Your judging a 3000 store company by one store. Get real!!

    • Where are you and I'll see what I can do.....

    • you don't want autozone-I've had problems with them on a few occasions-the parts are not the greatest-AAP has better made parts from better mfrs in my opinion. I bought a waterpump from AZO-it broke within a day and did over 300 bucks in damage. Bought a Carter-Wallace pump from AAP and it works fine-had it for over a yr now. Of course, it never hurts to go OEM.

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