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  • cbrocks9er cbrocks9er Jan 16, 2003 8:01 PM Flag


    Listen folks, I am a Store Manager in the Midwest. I do not hide my profile from prying eyes. I disagree with a lot of things but ya know, they pay me to do a job and I do it to the best of my abilities. Think you got a problem...ask for help from your DM or another store manager in your division that you respect. Hell ask me and I won't candy coat it. MPT sucks but we must live by it. Change what you can and accept what you cannot. It will never change unless you accept change and are willing to do the best you can with what you have. Never go to work with the intention of loosing...expect to win and take every one you can. Learn from the ones you lose. Don't like it...move on but don't just sit there and complain. Let's find a solution.

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    • I would like to reply to this, i read constanly the complaints, the complimens. I worked for dap for 7 years, and loved it very much, and i tell you i liked very much working for aap. The one difference that i did noticed was, that the dm's from advance did not take care of the manager and it's employess, as a #1 priority, maybe not all dm's are like this but every dm i worked with in dap, or associated with cared for all team members. You ask why we are tough bunch, i belive we really enjoyed working for dap. Yes we all had the same problems as we do now, and probally wil have more hurdles to cross in the future. I miss working with my team very much, and, would not consider working for another company like azo, pep boys, napa, etc... I also think that if any one who really cares about the remarks here i have made, would contact me. I really would also like to know why no one even contacted me on my exit interview. I sure would enjoy talking to someone who has a genuine concern. Not a h.r. Rep who looked at one incident, and not a 7yr performace. I feel that i was not listened to, as i would have been, if i was with dap. And if memory serves me right the dap message board was azo slaming dap, and vice versa. Not team members bickering. Maybe it time to listen to your employee's, here because it sure seemed like it was not being relayed up the ladder that well. To sum it all up, i would really like to talk to someone who will take second look at what i have to say and contact me...

    • Myjobisajoke wrote: "i would understand if we were telling lies"

      I don't object to the facts. Its the presentation and this forrum. Something about airing the family laundry in public like this disturbs me. Not to mention you can really hurt the stock price with comments posted here. Analysts check these boards out.

      calvinshobbes49 wrote: "Me thinks this young man needs a new profession. What retailer isn't without faults? If you honestly feel that these guys are so bad, and nothing can change that, then get out before you have a stroke"

      I did about stroke out when I first read this board. I'm a big believer of keeping it in the family. I've taken enough calls and visited enough stores to get plenty of abuse first hand. Dealing with you guys first hand is a challenge I relish. This board is just not the opitmum mode of communication for you or the company.

      cbrocks9er wrote: "What light can you shed on the Slim 3 system and the problems we are faced with?"

      E3 is being looked at and combed over, not under. The replen Team hears it from you guys and there is an active effort under way looking for any bugs and improvements necessary.

      PREZRAT wrote: "Great job of covering all of the issues, aapteamplayer. I can tell that you are passionate about your job and about doing the right thing for the employees and the company. Just curious...are you a longtime AAP person, or did you come in through an aquisition?"

      Thank you and I am. Not aquisition material but I've been around a few years. Interesting thing about the aquisition process. AAP has picked up some of our greatest Team assets from previous aquisitions. We probably lost just as many. I'm sure this will be the same with our DAP brothers. Growing pains are called growing pains for a reason.

      Speaking of the DAP part of the family...not negative here, just the opposite... you guys are a tight bunch and hard to win over. Granted the effort to do the winning over has fallen short here and there but you guys have been a unique experience. Not to many years ago AAP was smaller than DAP was when the merger happened. Back to the growing pains. AAP is still learning how to be a Galiath.

      myjobisajoke wrote: "or the person who sends us mag.,sunglasses and nail clippers"

      I ain't gonna touch that one!! Maybe I just did? ;-)

    • Me thinks this young man needs a new profession. What retailer isn't without faults? If you honestly feel that these guys are so bad, and nothing can change that, then get out before you have a stroke.

    • i would understand if we were telling lies and making up things but we are simply stating facts that we can all pretty much back every word of line with personal exp. and no i do not wish to down ur work the few people i have spoken to directly in the corp office have been very helpful in helping me to find the parts that i need or to solve the current problem i had but can u honestly tell me that the person who set my maxi and i continue to use this part number as an ex but my maxi for ht900 is 8. does that person really need to be in job where they are at the first hand of this company's well being or the person who sends us mag.,sunglasses and nail clippers i would gladly trade all that for some parts u want that stuff u go to super market or rite aid or something of the sorts not a parts store u dont go to walmart for a starter do u i cant sell more parts and have more fun if i dont have them to sell

    • I am betting early aquisition!

    • Great job of covering all of the issues, aapteamplayer. I can tell that you are passionate about your job and about doing the right thing for the employees and the company. Just curious...are you a longtime AAP person, or did you come in through an aquisition?

    • Don't need commendations, I want to help those that may not have been heard or answer questions that may be unanswer.

      One writer wrote about the replenishment system. What light can you shed on the Slim 3 system and the problems we are faced with?

    • Managers Meeting, is just what it says it is. Your managers are SUPPOSED to bring back what they hear and share with the rest of the Team. I'm sure that doesn't happen with the effectiveness and frequency that it should and yeah it might be beneficial to have "red shirts" experience the meetings.

      "i know some of the corp guys have been in the stores working with the customers but they must be the ones that have to stay quiet in order to keep their jobs"

      Now that is simply not true. You got issues and start up the ladder with em looking for a solution your job is far from being in danger. The "stay quiet" environment just does not exist in Roanoke.

      In the field I'm sure that's going to vary from Div to Div and Region to Region depending on who your boss is. Fact of life no matter where you work. People are people and then there are the jack a$$es.

      MPT - it is what it is and its here and now. Who knows if it will be here to stay? Your opinions on it are well known. And believe me, what your guys think of it is definitely something thing that everyone in the company knows about.

      "I would suggest that aapteamplayer take what he is seeing in these posts as a general indication of employee sentiment. Take it to the leadership and get to work fixing it."

      Oh, I'll being doing just that. But I'm not seeing anything really new here. A lot of your fellow Team Members are far from being shy about letting the corp side know about all of the things discussed here and more.

      Any one of you could provide the final straw on any given issue that causes it to be taken care of. If your just posting it here "it is merely a whisper in the wind" as myjobisajoke so eloquently put it.

      I'm one Team Member that is completely and totally on your side. Like I said before, I know where my check comes from. I just don't believe this is the place to be venting such frustrations. Unfortunately, many of you believe this message board to be your last resort. There's a reason for that and that's an issue. One with no ready answer.

      I agree with Prezrat about revealing exactly who you are if posting here. But you can open a yahoo email account and drop me an email and remain some what annonymous. You got something you want somebody to hear and believe it could hurt your continued employment or don't believe you'll be listened to, let me know and give us a chance at correcting it.

      If anyone wanted to "get" any of the posters on this board they can. Yahoo can trace your ID right back to your service provider and from there directly to you. Anyone willing to go to that trouble would be looking to file a law suit, so court orders wouldn't be a problem. So even with out revealing yourself, restraint is not a bad idea.

      Good luck guys, I'll watch out for anything I can add value to here but will try to refrain from preaching the company line and crap while attempting to ignore the anti-company line and crap. I just got a little excited, I'm quit passionate about my job.

      You want to proactively attack an issue let me know. In fact, I double dog dare ya.

    • I fully expected the don't talk to me unless you have done it line of thought and yeah there's no substitute for the actual experience. That works both ways though. It is no picnic from the replenishment end either. They have their phone lines jammed, deadlines and budgets to meet as well. There's two sides to every coin.

      You miss some big sales and have no confidence in the missed sales function, drop the buyer an email directly. Let them know what happened with out blessing them out. They hear enough of the same from several sources they will act on it. Problem is they don't hear about. They sure as hell don't want to miss a sale either. Their jobs depend on their lines moving.

      "am i to understand that we do not have the freedom of speech if we are aap employess"

      If your in a store telling customers that this company sucks and doesn't know a fan belt from a rubber band...well that's a direct attack aimed at damaging the company. An act that would fully justify termination of employment. This is a public forum directly associated with a company asset, stock. The company has a right to protect itself and its investors.

      Continued in next post...

    • Some of you might be surprised who actually reads this board and where the topics are discussed.

      There are stores out there getting it done everyday, Legacy or APAL. I don't see how that is possible with the system, support team and support structure I see described in many of the post here.

      80/20 rule...

      You have suggestions? Feed them up line.

      Your maxi's aren't high enough? Request an increase.

      You miss a sale? Report it through the lost sales function.

      MPT cut? What can I do to increase sales?

      Accept change; work towards change and be part of the solution.

      Find your cheese with the 7 habits....

      Too many people love being a victim.

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      • request for maxi increase is just that a request which usually is shot down

        reporting lost sales is a joke
        i have reported several lost sales and givin several comments that if they were actually read we would have seen some action
        and we shouldnt have lost sales, we should have more in the store and less pdq we should have inventory analysis who know that a small block ford takes 16 lifters instead of 8 i cant tell u how many engine rebuilds i've lost cuz the customer is working on their car now not in 1-2 days so pdq can get it in if their truck doesnt breakdown or the driver doesnt oversleep etc

        i know some of the corp guys have been in the stores working with the customers but they must be the ones that have to stay quiet in order to keep their jobs i would love for one day to have a corp guy buy my side trying to answer 3-4 phone lines 2 comm. lines and take care of a store full of 7-8 cust. and with only 2 sales 3 at max and most of the time the 1 being the manager is in the back trying to decipher this mpt crap, or make a schedule for next week that u couldnt operate a ma and pa store on let alone a big store such as aap
        and with feeding the suggestions up the line that is y im here and i am sure most others are also we know who reads this bored we know who doesnt we also know that when we do feed suggestions up the line they get cut off somewhere between mgmt and corp if it did we would all have amazing sales growth and profit margins, more parts in stk and more sales people so we would have less walkouts and more walkins i work in a store that is literally right across the street from an auto zone and you cant tell me how many times my heart has been broken to watch a customer "choose with his feet" and walk in to a busy store with not enough help behind the counter stand there for 10-15 min and walk back out to the car and head over to auto zone
        i take this company personally it is my main source of income and i have been with this company as a customer myself since 97 and working since 98
        i take great pride in every sale whether it was my sale or the guy next to me but it does seem to me that more and more each day we are saying i dont stk that but i can get it for u tomorrow and we hear the same line everytime "that doesnt help me now" one day i came in to work and within 2 hours i lost over 2k in sales cuz it was pdq or we couldnt get it i wanted to quit it hit me so hard when i made that final tally i have stopped loggin lost sales on the epc and now print them up so my manager can take them to his meetings with the dm whether he does or not i do not know but i have done all that i as a pion can do have fun guys try to get more parts so u have more sales and forget about that cheese man it has been lost so long it is old and moldy go to the bankrupt grocery store corp came from and buy some more but check the exp date im sure it is coming up cya

      • And you would be???

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