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  • vcolto vcolto May 19, 2004 4:58 PM Flag

    Great quarter

    They just reported 68 cents vs estimates of 66 cents. Advance Auto is dominating in Florida. Strong same store sales of 6.9%. Gross margins showed dramatic improvement, and SG&A costs declined also.

    Couldn't ask for more. This is a $50 stock this year.


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    • If Waffle House is so appealing...have at it. These benefits aren't exclusive to Advance so if you are unhappy then cowboy up and go somewhere that you can be happy. As I said's what YOU make of it.

    • Guys, like the gentlemen said is what you make it !!..I would have to ask the question..if you have been with Advance for 7 years..why are you still a S/M ? it by choice ? or lack of open opportunities ??..have you discussed your frustrations with your DM in an open and professional conversation ?...if not your DM..have you asked to speak with your RVP ??
      I too work for AAP..I also have 7 years in...but have been promoted some time ago..

    • I dont think it really matters who's lawn your on. It always looks better on the other side until you go there. Its retail and whether its a big box or not its still a job you love to Its the only business that when someone comes to your store they come in a bad mood because they have a issue.. And depending on how you react to them dictates the whole sale.. Gotta love retail

    • I love Advance. If your bottom line is money then your bottom line is money. The average retail manager of a small box does not make 53000 dollars a year....that is a combination of small box retail and big box retail. A big box manager...i.e Target or Wal Mart makes near or over 6 figures. That skus the average dramatically.

      Grass might look's the same grass...I have been here 10 years now....I've seen a lot of guys leave for some great job...most of em...ended up coming back or moving on to a series of jobs. Good Luck with yours.

    • actually im from Autozone... Ive been with them 6yr.. I dont make anywere near 53,000. dont know where that average came from.. Its nice to see that other parts company treat there employees just the same..

    • Someone is getting paid big time at AAP


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