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  • midatlanticsound midatlanticsound Apr 18, 2006 7:07 PM Flag

    Against Your Logic

    The market gained 195 today. AAP dived another 45 cents. And you sill contend that I am wrong ?

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    • If yo are wondering if I will do another 26 percent this year probably not but I can see 15-17. If you are seriously interested in what I like ( and you do have to time your buys correctly) besides HELX you might check BHI ( Baker Huges) and WFT (Weatherford) in energy and FMX ( ouside the energy field) All doing well and as with the Dow most now at a good time to buy. Again, Best of luck to you.

    • Sorry for the Typo

    • It is a very volitile stock. When others may go up or down by a few cents Hrlx might go up or down by a buck or so but because I bought it twice in the dips I am doing well. Right now it is in a dip ( down 1.47 yesterday) so I may actually buy some more this week. It will return great this year but if you watch it daily have a strong heart and keep cool ******* strong buy ****** Happy investing

    • I am interested in your pick of's that working out for you these days?

    • Pep Boys will be lucky to even exist in 3 years and that is your pick for a long?

      Did you actually claim to work in the automotive industry earlier or did I imagine that?

    • I agree that this is a long term good buy. This quarter will likely be a 2 to 2.5 comp because of very soft sales due to weather in Jan. Things are likely better now, but with the part failures lower due to mild end of winter, and AZ doing a little better not losing customers. Gas prices will keep this from beiing a barn burner year, but people will still be driving an in fact may be doing some "better gas mileage" maintanance.

      I hear that AAP is managing expenses because of lower sales so the net is not likely in jeapordy, just top line. This will likely get mixed reviews in the short term. Some will worry about not getting great comps, others will be very excited to finally see Advance control costs and get some SG&A leverage. This will be a ho-hum year for everyone on top line, The winners will be those who control expenses and because of the unique timing with AAP going into their fiscal year with a slowdown in Jan, they have positioned themselves well. I agree, buy on the dips.

    • I am getting 25 plus percent return per year on my current holdings ---I cam't beleive that AAP or any stock in this industry will do that. If I was to go long on an automotive retailer I think PBY if I wanted to take the high risk or AZO for saftey but a smaller return ( and if I want a small return I can buy US Bonds).

    • Mr. Mid, Good question...I have been sneaking around and asking certain
      others about this company and today I
      heard news, info that helped me understand some of the actions of AAP.
      All I can say is this is a good buy for down the road. If you have a two or three year time frame, you will be rewarded...Just buy on dips.

    • If you beleive what you say why is your sentiment to buy ?

    • Something to consider..The "AI" group of 65
      stores runs about 9 trucks per store in delivery services. These trucks and some cars are mostly Toyotas and get around 25MPG...Already there is a 40% increase in
      the cost of service.The price of gas is going to have a very big affect on all delivery type
      business's.....Just a thought.

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