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  • riggywon riggywon Feb 4, 2008 7:57 PM Flag

    We Keep Spinning Our Wheels!

    That should be the new slogan with sub themes such as "Reclaim the Garbage" and "Master this!" Happy hour sometimes stretches into all night when you can't figure out why the truck keeps randomly cutting out and you need it for work in a couple of hours The pitch that really insults me is "We can't wait to shake your greasy hand?" Talk about talking down to a perceived uneducated, dirty customer base. Are these marketing executives out of their minds? " " Regain our manhood?" and our garages became "soft"? Sorry...... It's going to be hard to step into another Advance store without be reminded that at best I am only considered a simple minded second class citizen by their marketing organization. Don't try to connect with us through these useless campaigns pretending to know us. Just pay your people better and listen to their inputs. Happy counter people will attract happy customers! I have worked with many ASEs who are self taught, professionally motivated and very well disciplined within the workplace. The stigma of greasy hands to these young professionals is the last thing they want to be reminded of by society. It's part of the job and nothing to be ashamed of, but we don't need corporate America patronizing us as if they really care and understand. It's like us letting the top executives know ........ hey you guys are OK even though your only concerns are.......... greasing each others palms! For some, that may be offensive. Riggy

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    • LOGAN & SLUG, It is apparent that you both have many more years of auto parts experience than I and definitely a stronger passion for the trade. Throughout the decades, many of us witnessed first hand the decrease in the number of truely skilled "Old Time Parts Guys". Unfortunately, working knowledge of a component function was systematically being replaced with a computerized data bank of part numbers. Corporate view this transition as an effective way to control information and thus reduce payroll costs by employing lesser skilled people. However, the revealing costly trade off, which now has become apparent, was the elimination of customer relationship building which eventually leads to the most important aspect of auto parts retailing....... TRUST! If one can't trust upper management, or if one can't trust its own products, then the company can't expect its employees to sell trust to its customers. The notion of a team building raft in the middle of a pool of such distrust, becomes nothing more than a corporate mirage. Trust can only be instilled in others; it's something one can't achieve through an ad. That's my question to you both...... What are your thoughts regarding this new ad campaign. Will this assist in bringing more people into the stores? And if so, why or why not? I would appreciate your inputs? Riggy

    • It is great to see thay you been in the business so long.
      Then I'm sure that you seen and sold some of the same products that I have since I have been selling parts since 1970. Also in the store that I associated with I know that they sell a lot of rotating electical parts and have very little returns and lot of the case the return are other problems such as broken wires. and also I do know about the call make to outside shops because when I was in that field we were required to make between 20 to 25 sale call a day
      So therefore I do rest my case of knowing and being in the business for over 38 years
      It is hard to see people keep dogging something that does not need to be dog. The Advance teammembers work very hard to build their customer base and they also work hard to keep it. then you read these post that says most of the teammembers just came from Mcdonalds or KFC And in some case that may be true But I personally know a lot of them that have college degrees and are working in the stores or they are going to college to try and make this a better place to live. So it would be great if people would really stop and look around before that start dogging someone because in reality they are only one step away from being in the same position

    • Slugphart, it is people like you that really do not know what you are talking about. Because you most likely are not out there everyday selling those parts and are keeping those wheels turning. And they do sell more than Oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze. The Mexican are not the only ones buying the hard parts.
      Thank you

    • The DM's and RM's are the most unproductive waste of money on this earth and now the parts and service companies ( many of them) have added "group managers" and "assistant DM's" What the hell do they assist with ??? Money wasted that should be put into store payroll or better facilities and equipment or expanded inventories or anything that will actually help.

    • Riggy You must be using my doctor !!!!! And did you borrow my hat with the beer cans ??? I think this whole industry should go back to some old ideas and principles that made them money. Each company may have a slightly different approach but it seems that most have strayed from whatever made them wealthy in the past and as large as they are. Its not just AAP. The industry is middle management heavy and micromanagement crazy. They have to stop !!!

    • BP, Sorry I wasn't able to respond to you quicker; I was in therapy for the last several days and besides, I only have limited access to the computer room here at the federal prison rehab center. Yes, it all started with those brown bag happy hours while working on my truck, which eventually lead me to doing repair work while wearing those baseball hats with the two beer cans attached with a snorkel. That eventually lead me to breaking into an Advance store late at night to exchange a faulty set of brake pads. Advance may profess in this new commercial that it is the "Monument to grease and oil stains" and that we should " Master our Machines", my problem is that I listen and get hung up on words. For example - Any monument to stains is actually nothing more than a pile of mistakes when you think of it. A stain is the result of an accident; loose drain plug, over filling etc. No mechanic sets out the day with...... let's go create some! I know the Ad strategy is similiar to the one used by Sears "Softer side of Sears" which failed by the way for Sears.In this case, the spin is to create a "Harder, Dirtier side of Advance" which will also probably fail. Garages getting soft? Yes Master! So does that leave out the millions who don't own garages or carports for that matter? Coppola wanted to enhance the shopper experience as a way to increase store traffic. That failed. The new campaign has a slight twist by implying its OK to come here wearing your dirty boots. Bottom line : Only once, did I hear the reference to providing for a "commercial consumer" in these ads. BP, I have nothing to gain by expressing an opinion regarding this company other than help eliminating waste. I commend the loyality on your part. There is one thing we all have in common........ as repairers of mechanical devices, we hold sacred the notion of saving something, recondition it; hence prolong by added value. We take pride in having that gift/ability. Therefore, we despise WASTE! Anyway, that's what my therapist says. NOT! Riggy

    • I'm not suggesting that they needed to sustain that level of growth from the IPO to mid-05. BP, let's face the facts again.... there's been NO growth since then... it's actually about 16%-18% loss. We can call it a tough market and make many excuses... but here's the chart with DJIA and AZO for comparison:,%5EDJI

      I'm not "bashing" AAP... I'm simply pointing out the stupid mistakes they keep making over and over and over again. You guys keep ignoring the problems and try band-aid remedies to temporarily patch the wounds. Why don't you and your mid/upper management buddies admit there are major problems and find solutions instead of spending money on ridiculous ad campaigns (and their producers) to boost short-term sales. Unless you get qualified people working in the stores, those newfound customers won't dare come back once they realize the counterperson can't distinguish between a brake rotor and rotor for a distributor. At least Autozone is next door.

      Let's dig a little deeper. BP, let's say these ads work and thousands of people come pooring into the stores to purchase everything they need for their car. Since you and your buddies are convinced that this is a brillant ad campaign, did you properly boost your store payrolls and employee training to prepare for the onslaught of customers? Of course not! Advertising expenses are much better than those pesky store payroll expenses. I'm sure you all sent plenty of pamplets and emails "preparing" the stores for this campaign.

      BP, we all want to right this ship and see AAP back in the proverbial saddle. The ORLY boys just hit AAP's horse in the sack... and the ride is becoming rough. Advance's problems can't be fixed with advertising campaigns or playing musical chairs with CEOs every year.

      I'll let Riggy explain why those ads are insulting. The reason you don't find them insulting is the exact reason why garages and folks who work on cars do. Take the "we can't wait to shake your greasy hand" slogan to you local garage and see what they tell you.


    • Jason you are also using a chart in the first few years following going public, the first few years after several major acquisitions.

      You aren't taking that into account and you would be silly to think that AAP could sustain that kind of revenue growth forever.

      Nobody could....not even O'Reilly.

    • Facts are facts...the chart shows what it shows. Did we have some course corrections...yes....I already said that but the simple fact is this...put the AAP chart up against ORLY or doesn't comes out the same.

      The statement was AAP is half what it ever was....simply not true.

      If Riggy finds a reason to be insulted by that commercial then he has a MASSIVE inferiority complex or something.

      Those commercials are awesome and they get to the core of what a parts store is. Working on cars does involve dirt and grease....if anyone thinks that is degrading in any way then nothing I can say here will change anything.

      I am not sure why I bothered...I usually don't anymore.

      Back to your regularly scheduled bashing.

    • Interesting observation. I believe the suspicions that BPM2k2000 monitors this board for a variety of reasons has been confirmed. I suppose it could just be my computer, but the new ad campaign appears to be unavailable on the internet tonight. I have tried several different links and get nothing. Could a whole campaign have been nixed because of the observations of you brilliant bloggers? Anxious to see how THAT affects your bottom line BPM.

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