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  • who_ripped_ass who_ripped_ass Mar 25, 2008 9:54 PM Flag

    Darren, Darren! That's not very change oriented!

    Hearing that Mr. Jackson and the rest of the croonies he's bringing over from Best Buy are not willing to move from Minneapolis to Roanoke. Looks like he is lacking #6 of the 7 attributes! So much for "leading from the front"!

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    • That's not being clueless, thats just wanting to make sure your customer gets the right part the first time! I've been a parts jockey for over 25 years, and I still look up each and every part, even if I know 100% what the number is, just to be sure, and also to give the customer a little confidence that they are indeed getting the right part. There has also been alot of part number changes and consolidations over the past few years, so the number you thought that part was may no longer exsist, because it was consolidated to another number. Set your "I know everything" ego aside, customer confidence is everything these days!

    • Being external you wouldn't. The first thing any leader would do is get the right people in the right places. That takes more than a few weeks.

    • Regardless whether caused by pay or working conditions, the AAP and AZO stores just don't seem to be able to get store staffs up to the level of NAPA and the mom and pop stores. Regardless of the improvements in quality and availability, both over the counter and professional customers seem to gravitate toward stores with a staff that is "on the ball," so to speak. When someone needs to look up the part number for an oil filter on an '85 C1500 they are clueless. But of course, if they can learn the monotonous scripted lines they are considered professionals.

    • Actually, I am right up to date. Several years ago, many parts guys thought the retailers would offer more long term perks than an independent CQ or NAPA. Those thoughts have been squashed in recent years. The AAP parts pros that I am familiar with make a decent hourly wage and are unhappy.
      However, the CQ and NAPA stores also basically match the pay and benefits, BUT much better hours and working conditions. The retailers are operating with at most, one knowledgeble counter person and surrounded by kids...if they have enough headcount.
      The better installers primarily deal with retailers if the traditional guy is out of stock. You are one waits until tomorrow anymore. You must be the best of the retail possibilities and therefore the first go to guy at that level. The retailer's first call installer customers are usually the ones that the traditional guys don't cater to any longer, the ones that constantly write bad checks, poor credit, or an unacceptable level of returns due to lack of training.

    • In my observation, no bonafide parts professional want to work at AZ, AA, or Orly. Lousy hours and bad managers. All the better parts guys are at the OE dealerships, CQ or NAPA. The professional repair guys only use the retailers as a last resort.


      YOur observation is at least 3-8 years behind the real word. No harm ment here at all. CQ pays fairly well but they lack some of the benifite az,aap and the irish offer as well as they have mch tighter budgets to achieve. NAPA is ok but I make more than my counterparts at NAPA and have enifits they dream of. As for dealers their share of the parts business is growing each year. Yes they have some talented people but without a vin #, or a car from another manufactorer they get lost. AZ has offered me a job a turned it down. The Irish are not in my area thus no comment. Once a garage gets a quality part and good service at a fair price they build a relationship with the parts professional. Garage owners buy from a person not always a brand. Yes some do but most buy from the person not the company. I have contacts in the dealerships and they call me about fords if they work for chevy and visa versa.
      I guess it all in how you look at it

    • I hope you're correct. Remember late last year I was the one saying that we needed a new CEO to come in and tell the street that we are going to fundamentally change the company... and that this process would take 1-2 years. I said that he needs to stop giving quarterly and annual earnings predictions and place the focus back on long-term growth. I've seen parts of this from Darren and I'm anxiously awaiting the rest.

      What I'm most concerned about BP is getting the grocery mentality out of the regional boys minds. I'm glad Jackson has the right ideas as you say... but I want to see it get back to the stores. The changing and renaming of upper level positions does nothing unless that whole mentality changes along with it.

      I'm willing to give him the time needed but the longer the CEO sits in the big boys chair, the more comfortable he becomes to the bureaucracy that surrounds it. The changes this company needs should be dramatic and extremely noticeable. That sends a big signal to all those regional folks who snicker at the old ideas Jacksons bringing back to the table... let's them know he's serious about changing their situation if they decide not to follow along.

      At this point the earnings reports for the next year or so don't concern me. They've been ruined by the short-term thinking of past CEO's. It's how they answer the questions posed by the analysts that I'm waiting for. The questioning of late has been great... and I want to see unwaivering answers similar to last quarters Q&A session. That tells me that Jackson and crew are steadfast and focused on long-term growth.

      Great discussion!


    • In my observation, no bonafide parts professional want to work at AZ, AA, or Orly. Lousy hours and bad managers. All the better parts guys are at the OE dealerships, CQ or NAPA. The professional repair guys only use the retailers as a last resort.

    • Don't think that at all but I am not sure I see a definitive path and timeline yet.

    • simply couldn't be further from the truth. It's THREE months.....people are being changed and the new talent coming into this company is awesome.

      They are speaking from a completely different paradigm than their predecessors.

      He hasn't even had a single earnings report yet and guys like you are railing on him. Honestly you'd be better off in a casino rather than investing in stocks.

      The logistics of the changes they are making takes time to enact. Adding inventory to stores isn't a matter of just shipping it to them.

      The old numbers need to be returned, the new numbers shipped, planogrammed etc. This is long term, fundamental change.

      Darren and his gang are doing it right, be smart enough to give them the time to do it right, rather than half assing it to try and please Wall Street.

    • Here's the thing CJ. I think Mr. Jackson is bright enough & experienced enough to have the right ideas. He also seems to be someone who reviews the successes & failures of the past to make new ideas for the future ( this is a good quality). The question is "can he make the strqategy filter down to the lower levels in an uncorrupted fashon ?" and How do you replace a few thousand usless pieces of crap on the payroll and replace them with better people ? If he can do it he will be the biggest success since Nick.

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