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  • penny_playin69 penny_playin69 Feb 12, 2013 6:55 PM Flag

    SUTR Weekend Research Report! SUTR Could Get Bought Out..

    Last year Tangshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd visited SUTR.

    Tangshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd has an annual production capacity of 30
    million tons of steel and is one of the top three steel producers in China
    and the fifth largest in the world.

    Pay attention and read the next line very carefully!

    Ms. Lanyu Wang, Vice President of Tangshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd . said:

    “Sutor is one of the most dynamic and creative high-end finished steel
    producers in eastern China. If the two companies have a chance to cooperate
    with each other, there will be substantial room for both sides to grow.”

    This news was kept very quiet and was only posted on the company website:

    Now shortly after this SUTR gets another visit from Nippon Steel
    Engineering Co., LTD and toured its production facilities.

    Nippon Steel is the largest steel company in Japan and one of the leading
    fine finished steel manufacturers in the world with annual production
    capacity exceeding 30 million tons!

    The parties also discussed other topics of mutual interest and explored the
    possibility of establishing long-term dialogues and future cooperation
    for the parties' mutual benefits.

    This news was also kept very quite and was only posted on the company
    website which very few people visit!

    Now here is where it gets very blatant that SUTR is preparing for a buyout!

    Two Months After these visits from 2 of the worlds Biggest steel companies
    in the world SUTR announces a 5M repurchase of its common stock.

    That is a huge amount considering the float is only 9 million and the
    company already owns 75% of the outstanding as well

    Now here is the dead give away that SUTR is being bought out:

    A Few months later SUTR changes it auditing firm to Grant Thornton one of
    of the big 4!

    OH and this fact here is proof that SUTR isn't a Chinese scam which has scared investors...Grant does not audit for scams period!

    Guess what Grant Thornton Specializes in?

    Mergers and Acquisitions!

    So there you have it!

    Visit the company website as there has been other large
    groups and companies visiting SUTR as well...I believe is quietly
    entertaining offers from many interested Suiters no pun intended…

    I believe SUTR could get bought out before their new facility goes into
    production 2nd quarter of this year!

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    • penny_playin69 , thank for value information, let me make a lot of money,can you guess what is the merge price?it is time to buy more for this price(2.14)? thanks.

    • You are too speculative on the buyout. Two visitors and change of auditors did not indicate any possibility. It is very common in the usual course of business. It's true the value is very compelling and if I have the money, I will buy this company at the current price because the cash in the company is enough to buy this company and you will have extra cash left behind and pay back all your loan if you have to borrow from bank. But it is almost a private company and who cares how its share performs as no investor is going to benefit from share price increase, only the insiders or owners. I just wonder why they went public as they do not need outside cash for investment and no or very tiny # of institutions hold this share. This company will sit there with no action except during earning release like this time. Unless they increase circulation and involve more institutions and let go of their share ownership, otherwise, it is a dead end play.

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      • Speculative on the buyout...OK here is a little bit more to chew on..

        Jefferies Group Visited Sutor
        Post Date: 2012-03-22

        Jefferies & Company. Inc (“Jefferies”) visited Sutor on March 22 2012. Ms. Lifang Chen, Chairwoman of Sutor, along with other officials of the company warmly received the visiting team including Mr. Peter Scott, Managing Director of Jefferies, Mr. Simon Dowker, Senior Vice President of Jefferies International Limited, and Mr. Qiang Guo, Associate Investment Banking and Capital Market at Jefferies Hong Kong Limited. The parties discussed in-depth the current operations of Sutor and the possibility of future cooperation.
        Ms. Chen said “as a high profile investment bank in Wall Street with profound experience in serving companies in metal and industrial field, Jefferies’s achievement is outstanding. If Sutor has an opportunity to establish cooperation with Jefferies in merger & acquisition and introduction of strategic partners, the company will be able to further enhance its market penetration in both domestic and overseas markets, while Jefferies can expand its business and improve name-recognition in China.”

        Mr. Peter Scott, Managing Director of Jefferies, appreciated Ms. Chen’s trust and said “As one of a few China-based U.S. listed companies focusing on fine finished steel segment and providing value added services to customers, Sutor’s growth is impressive. We are very pleased to maintain a good relationship with Sutor. Although both parties have not established official cooperation yet, Jefferies will continue to support Sutor by inviting the company to participate in Jefferies’ annual investment conference and seeking strategic partners.”

        During the meeting, Jefferies’s team inquired the status of the company’s current project, related capital arrangement in the future, as well as the assistances that Jefferies can provide for the company.

        After the meeting, the guests toured the company’s product exhibition hall and production facilities.

        This is normal??? SHow me another company that shows this much intest...

    • penny playin69 - I've been reading message boards since the late 90's, and your post was one of the most factual, well written and thoughtful posts that I have read in years. Thank you for your incite.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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