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  • rchites rchites Feb 19, 2013 7:23 PM Flag

    WHAT SHORTS dont tell you

    DID any of the shorts/ hit pieces tell you about the different regulatory requirements between countries? Were they unbiased? China stocks stink and the industry stink. Blood in the street bad! NOW, you have China companies that cant report all the information needed by the US SEC. Sorts have destroyed China stocks with the ACCOUNTING DIVIDE that is trying to be worked out with the China Government and the SEC. This terrible climate creates fantastic opportunities. Regulators want access to (( all))) the information and the China Government will arrest Company EXECs who violate the China State secret ACT,,, ((((Catch 22)))),,, Great article in IBD FEB 19 2013. Explains why the companies cant comply completely The China Government is more to blame then the companies that are called scams. SHORTS and exploiters are the scams.... The Shorts knew this and the hit pieces exploited the macro situation. There are bad companies world wide others are down right steals right now. I think this company is real and the China securities regulatory agency will give some ground because of the bigger players like BIDU, SOHU, and Ten-cent, IF The PCAOB cant resolve the accounting issues with China regulators the talks will likely be taken up by the US-China Strategic Economic talks later this year..... . I think the company is a buy here with the stocks CHOP and other destroyed China stock captives. It is very political and on a macro scale also. Less

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