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  • njsarasotaguy njsarasotaguy Sep 17, 2013 6:14 PM Flag

    Mind Boggling

    Don't you just love when you take a risk and hold a position for earnings. You pull the earnings report up with your heart racing. To your relief and delight the company crushes earnings. You see the premarket bid soaring. You jump for joy. Then the stock inexplicably trades lower and closes down like a company the missed earnings. I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me in the past 2 years. I have a knack for picking stocks that report good news but go down. Any thoughts on what the rationale for the sell off is? Was the conference call negative? Is the company cooking the books? What's the deal. Lucklily I sold half the position yesterday at 2.35 as a precaution.

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    • I explained in detail why the stock went down. Gross margin down, cash down 80%, debt up

    • Small caps in China have no appeal right now. Be sure when the small cap funds start looking for value plays out of the U.S. this stock along with GSI will be four to eight bagger's.

    • I have held this stock for several years now - 15,468 shares at an average of 1.53 - so I am up, but have this exact feeling every time they report. Last time it went up to 2.50 I told myself to sell, but didn't - have had it so long I am all in now - I am just holding it forever basically - not willing to sell at these prices, I would rather sit on it as I still think it will pop, and it is a minor holding for me now.

    • I have owned this a while and held into earnings again this time. I think it went down because it had gone up so much in the weeks before. I look for a rebound this week and a steady move north. I've seen companies report stellar earnings and go down only to make in back and plenty more after all the day traders exit. This is primed to go up after today IMHO.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Same here my friend. Hold about 20K shares in the range of $0.80 - $3:00 ( Average $2.25) over last few years. Some day traders has found the pattern with SUTR. Few days before earning they load up and make about 30% in few days and head for the exit until next earning. Until FCC investigation is complete on China stocks, Institutional investors will most likely stay on the sidelines. My target is till 4th quarter 2015. A solid company will eventually reflect it's strength in share prices. One thing that will do wonders for SUTR share holders will be some dividend. But, I doubt the Chinese Board and CEO will do that. I am planning to actually vote against the board in the next meeting.

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