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  • petekook petekook Sep 23, 2013 2:55 PM Flag

    1.80s are a gift, accumulate more

    I know I am. $3 end of next year, worth the wait.

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    • Sudden surge in demand in the afternoon. News is likely soon. Several large purchases indicate that serious investors are interested in SUTR.

    • No. It will go up to 2:15 by December not no more. True that it is undervalued at 1.87 but because it is a Chinese firm demand will be limited. Deserves to be $3.5 but will not exceed 2.15 (unfortunately).

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • lost interest in Chinese companies because of all their mis-reporting and dishonesty

      • nate.canfield Sep 24, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

        I do claim to no know what the future holds but I do think that their could possibly be a big jump in the next quarterly when the revenue numbers likely increase significantly due to that large new line. All that being said I do not think it is wise to make predictions on when it will jump and by how much. The key is to realize what the assets true value is, change it due to solid incoming news like sec filings and ignore the price fluctuations until it approaches its true value. If you have the money and risk tolerance I would also buy more shares especially if the price keeps dropping as it very well might without solid news to change its momentum. To me It is better think of it as if it is at 1.50 in December I will buy more of an even more undervalued asset and if its price increases alot I will sell the asset for sizable gains and if nothing much changes I still am holding something that is undervalued.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • You must be kidding? Hit 2.42 before earnings this time on pure anticipation...This time the correct play was to buy the anticipation and sell the day before earnings..The last 4 times in a row SUTR beat huge you got a huge increase day of earnings..this time the front run in anticipation was to big for the earnings positive money flow to eat through all the selling..This mean that this time when they report we will not see a huge anticipation before earnings which is good because this time it will actually pop when they beat huge.

      • Why the $2.15 figure?

        Sentiment: Hold

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