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  • densiechrome densiechrome Sep 5, 2009 11:45 AM Flag

    News: Bush Admin attacked whistleblowers at SEC . . .

    When George Bush started serving his 1 Term Whistleblowers in all Agencies fell under attack. Auditors who performed thorough audits were punished & abused through Performnace Appraisals to bring them in line with what Bush Sought. Bush deliberately degraded the Auditing function in EVERY GOVERNMENT AGENCY with intimidation tactics that often resulted in an individual getting fired for Excellent Performance.

    After a few Terminations of this type, the message was clear: "Look like you're doing your job, but do not actually do it."

    THIS IS THE GEORGE BUSH ADMINISTRATION SUMMED UP FOR THE EIGHT YEARS---Look like you're doing your job, but do not actually do it...otherwise you shall be punished.

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    • i didnt see one demodrat running against george bushs bad economy in 2006 ...the economy was doing great ...the democrats ran on closing gitmo and leaving iraq ..and the democrats took over the nations purse strings in great economic times ..with in a year we were in a recession ..dodd and barney frank ignored bushs warnings about housing industry calling him stupid and it turned out it was barney frank and cris dodd that was full of crapp ..obama is a no good liar is the rest of the democrats that destroyed our economy to take over executive branch claiming they had all the answers ..they will be gone soon and we will get investors back on board

    • you are an idiot