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  • yahoo yahoo May 14, 2005 8:55 AM Flag

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    • Cuno produces filters for a number of markets. Drinking water included. Pharmaceutical filters will be up and coming for CUNO as they try to play catch up with the rest of their competitors.

      Did you know they also products that go into laboratory and home test kits (ie - diabetes monitors and pregnancy tests)? Or how about their protein binding membranes?? Low volume but high margin products.

      Just FYI

    • Sunfund: in all honesty, I don't really have much of an understanding of CUNO's business. I have analyzed the financial statements and I see a consistent grower with attractive profit margins operating in a single line of business with proprietary products and a reasonable valuation. I came by CUNO when it was an unloved spin-off from TEC and have followed it since, but only as a financial analyst and investor. I am a little embarrassed with this one, because typically I will try to understand the business first.

    • I think the profile has enough data to justify investment

    • Eggplant: 1)Because of my circumstance and beliefs, I need a legitimate environmental rationale to invest in a stock. By environmental, in my universe, we're not talking about trash haulers, but companies whose products improve the environment.It was my impression that the potable water Cuno is talking about is for soft drinks and such.
      2)It's been my impression that USF is pretty dominant in many areas such that I don't know if there is strong competition. I liked USF's membrane filters and the water recycling projects, and the potential for making use of water out west. Are you aware of a legitimate environmental rationale for Cuno.

    • Funny coincidence. I owned USF. And I own OSM. Why isn't CUNO one you could get enthusiastic about? It seems to offer very consistent growth and profitability. Ostensibly boring, but consistent.

    • I sold 1/3 of AMN holdings last week at less than current price.

      Re: Cuno & water filtration- I would like a USF at a reasonable price. More interested in tap water purification than other areas such as bottled water or semiconductor related or bio-tech water or blood filtration. Have looked at ION (once owned shares and was disappointed and OSM -etc. Own some Pall. Would like to find a water filtration company I could get enthusiatic about.

    • Does anyone follow CUNO and know what's going on with this company? I have owned shares since the spinoff from TEC. What now?