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  • shoeshine133 shoeshine133 Sep 15, 2012 9:36 PM Flag

    Another horrendous week for HDGE

    Another horrendous week for HDGE losing over 3.5% and setting new 52 week lows for the year.

    The fund managers underperform the reverse of the SPY week after week.

    They have proved time and time again that fund managers cannot manage a short fund.

    The stocks HDGE decided to short are up over 25% for the year !!!

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    • I know, the etf is embarrassing. One of the best ways to have made money over the course of this summer (other than just being long good stocks or the market in general) is to short the leveraged VIX etf's such as CVOL, TVIZ, TVIX, UVXY. If you are a day trader, you can short them in the morning and close out your position at before the close of the day. Do this ever day.....yes, it's not tax efficient and it will drive you crazy but it makes money. I just like being long garp stocks and saying to hell with worrying about the macro. Uncle Ben is here with Qe3.

      I think people have finally figured out that humans aren't good at shorting individual stocks. Bruce Greenwald taught me that.

    • I stopped out and won't return. The problem with their approach is they speculate. They go in big when they think a company is going under. When the company turns around they're screwed. I'd rather be in a short fund that is more liquid. I want them in and out of stocks based on technicals. How about an ETF that screens stocks with high multiple valuations, shooting star formations, double tops, etc. Then, when the stock corrects 10-15%, cover!!....don't just sit on your hands staring at the screen. Cover! These Hdge guys just short and hold, hoping their bearish story pans out. They need to hire traders to manage this. People who play only the fundamentals get killed in today's market.

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