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  • gino406 gino406 Sep 20, 2006 8:30 PM Flag

    Cramer on THQI today

    THQ (THQI - news - Cramer's Take) is another new video-game play that is comparatively cheaper than its competitors and that Cramer likes and believes is a buy.

    The company's September sales come out next month and they should be great, he said, giving THQ a "two-thumbs-up triple buy."

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    • "It sounds like you're assuming money not spent on the PS3 will not be spent at all, that's never the case in this industry and around Christmas particularly."

      I think most of the people buying brand new systems are probably getting them for themselves, not to give as holidway gifts. Therefore they will hold on to most of their money. The argument that if people can't buy a PS3 they'll still spend the money is the same argument from last year that people who couldn't buy a 360 still spend the money. It's not true, and it definitely won't be true in Europe where 360 is less popular.

    • jester I don't want to get into a pissing match again with you. The WWE announcement came way, I mean way ahead, of the Sony announcement and they said it had to do with Yuke's ability and not having final kits. You don't see other publishers delaying PS3 launches, their CEO's get information early too.

      I am agreeing with gino that a limited supply of PS3's would force people to spend money elsewhere, that's all. People are not going to save their Christmas money until summer when the PS3 becomes widely available. Parents are going to be buying consoles for their kids for Christmas, if you can't the PS3 on the shelves, you're not going to go home empty handed. I'm not singling THQI as the prime beneficiary here, but Xbox 360 and Wii (as well as handhelds) will see the benefit of those dollars that won't be spent on PS3's. If you have a hot Xbox 360 property like Saint's Row of if you have multiple titles targeted at the Wii, you should see a positive effect, not a negative one. It sounds like you're assuming money not spent on the PS3 will not be spent at all, that's never the case in this industry and around Christmas particularly.

    • "Gino, don't expect straight answers, you'll only get spin!"

      From you, that's funny.

      "I agree that THQI might actually benefit from the limited supply of PS3's"

      Only you could spin a reduced and delayed install base into a positive. That's revenue that people were expecting six months ago that won't be there.

      "THQI did the right thing by delaying WWE and that announcement came way before the PS3 limited shipment, so no matter what our friend here says, it's not related."

      They did do the right thing and I'm sure they did it because of install base fears. It's laughable that you think the CEO of THQI gets information on likely PS3 shipments at the same time as we do.

    • I don't trust that guy at all.

      Would have been a much better call 2 months and 33% ago.