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  • ttworocks ttworocks Feb 17, 2011 8:08 PM Flag

    Homefront preview on IGN 2/17/2011

    Bottom line:

    "Gameplay is what's most important in any game, and the technical issues I ran into can certainly hinder the final product in serious ways. Yet, with the game about a month away from launch, I'm sure that Kaos Studios is attempting to get it running better. And I certainly hope that they're able to do so, because Homefront's presentation, story, and characters can very well combine to create one of the most compelling and memorable shooters I've played in a long time."

    Apparently, the build he got had some technical issues, but overall impression is very favorable, and this is what counts. It is differentiated and feels very unique. Here's hoping that Kaos can manage to fix all those issues on time. Looking forward to this game.

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    • srayma78 Feb 20, 2011 7:09 PM Flag

      Homersby- Eat it.............. told you. Now who looks the fool.

      Fri, 02/18/2011 - 11:55am #37

      Joined: 09/30/2010
      The gameplay videos were taken by IGN from a Preview build, pulled out of Beta code in early January. It is not representative of the final quality for Single Player in Homefront.

    • At a minimum the articles written should include the date of the copy....

      What a joke

      I see IGN doesn't like THQ

      Time to bash IGN website, kets take er down

    • I personally think that THQ should file suit against IGN for posting videos of gameplay. I highly doubt they had permission to do that. THQ would never allow gameplay out that they knew had glitches in it. Can you say copyright violation here!!

      Just imagine if they did this with every game. Get a beta copy to preview content and then blast it for having bugs. This affects sales in a big way. It was meant for a preview and not a review of quality. I am certain it wasn't meant for copying videos and posting them. Now they are all over You Tube showing glitches etc.

      IGN should not be given the chance to do any more business with THQ.

    • srayma78 Feb 18, 2011 10:14 AM Flag

      You can have the cheerleading award Market.

      I consider myself as pretty grounded and as a trader i set defined entries, exits, and targets on my trades.

      I don't feel like putting forth anymore energy in the back and forth.

      Maybe switch to red pom-poms this month so we can have a Homefront theme.

      Next month i'll be playing the shizzzzz out of Homefront so you'll be lucky to see one post aside from a review of the game from me.

      Till then....

    • I have not bashed THQI. All i have ever said, as i say on the TTWO board where I am long via a variety of calls is that there is downside and risk to every trade or investment.

      Several on this board refuse to even consider the possiblity of something negative related to HF. For about the millionth time, I want it to be great as a gamer. I don't have the confidence yet that it will be as a trader or investor.

      Seriously, so many positive previews and another from IGN which also points out technical problems and now they are bad guys this morning? Playing an old or alpha build and just bashing because they got up on the wrong side of the bed?

      Kaos has made some good games as I have said before, but never great. Maybe this is their breakout hit, maybe it isn't.

      If it is I promise I will be here for all the told you sos you want to throw at me, all the while enjoying playing the game if that's the case, and hopefully profits if I see it in time to profit from any move.

      I will also be here if the opposite happens.

    • Then I guess this board is not for you!!!

      Pumpers in MY OPINION would be guys that say next month the stock is going to 10 or in 6 months the stock is going to 20

      Based on what THQ has in the pipeline there is no reason that a $10-12 sp should occur in the next 12 months. And not all the games need to be AAA or scores of 90

      That's a double, if you want to go put your money in to ttwo and atvi because you think those will double in the next 12 months then so be it.

      But the good thing about the THQ board is we don't put up with bashers who come here for the soul person of knocking another industries peer just for the heck of it. You think atvi and ttwo are perfect???? You don't see us over there wasting our time knocking their issues.

      If you want to bash here and tell us THQ stinks then take a short position and disclose.

    • Wait a minute I thought I got the cheerleading award!!!


    • And the ultimate cheerleading hypster just posted questioning IGN's negative preview as playing an old preview, alpha build, and why not give it to someone else etc etc. That seals it for me. There is no more desperation that making up such BS to defend against an otherwise positivie preview that points out potential pitfalls that need to be fixed. How dare they question the greatest game ever made???

    • Amen, Mav. I like THQI and really want HF to be good. I enjoy playing good games SP or with my friends online and if I believe they are going to be good enough to move the stock, I will buy the stock or options, simple as that. I never short but sometimes buy puts if I think somethings overvalued or just as a headge against a long and I have no position here yet and may not have one any time soon if I simply don't feel it.

    • "A little balance is all I am ever looking for. They have really needed some here recently IMO."

      I agree with you Homer. It's one of the things that makes the TTWO board great is that pumpers and bashers are not tolerated. While you mention the hypsters here, there are others here that seem to only want to find the faults with the stock. If you can't find *anything* positive about the company then why are you here? Or just admit your short position. You know I'm like you in that often times even if I'm positive I still want to play devils advocate. This board seems to not have a middle ground.

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