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  • jesterbunk jesterbunk Feb 28, 2011 9:03 AM Flag

    de Blob 2 enters the UK charts

    No position in the top 40 all formats full price chart.

    # 31 in the Wii only chart.

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    • Sweet! Choice start. Hopefully we get that all important 1.25% of sales in the first week. Keep me updated, looking forward to your DeBlob 2 post after the Xmas holiday.

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      • "Keep me updated, looking forward to your DeBlob 2 post after the Xmas holiday."

        This is the clear definition of denial. You can't even admit that the Amazon numbers for DeBlob2 are atrocious. No, you can't even recognize that there may be evidence of poor sales. Let's wait until after Xmas because you are that confident that this may just be a timing issue.

        IMO many here are ignoring the negatives. Udraw had a very disappointing month following strong sales. The obvious concern is that the decline exceeded 90% and one must raise questions about the future prospects for this game. DeBlob's numbers are disappointing at best.

        Yes, Homefront's rankings are improving on Amazon. However, I have repeatedly said that the reviews are the key here. Should they not be very strong, all the cheerleading on this board will not help.

      • "looking forward to your DeBlob 2 post after the Xmas holiday."

        At which point you'll say to ignore the poor sales and low average selling price, and that it takes two years to really judge success or failure.

    • For comparison, de Blob 1 opened at #37 in the All Formats Top 40 when it debuted, and #20 in the Wii chart. So it would appear de Blob 2 is selling less despite being on many more platforms (i.e. cost a lot more to make). Again, if it's under-performing, and I find it hard to believe management would develop and release any AAA original IP game they expected to chart this poorly, then Homefront will need to outperform just to make up for it.

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      • Are you saying that it is not possible to sell the same amount of units (or more) at lower rankings now with the WW installed base at 75-80 million versus a WW installed base of ~60 million (when De Blob "1" was launched?

        Hasn't the market size grown at all since then?

        I am not sure I follow your 1-to-1 ranking logic.

        You could be right that sales are lower - so, I am not contesting that (right now). I just don't believe you can use a straight up ranking to ranking comparison without taking into consideration that the market size has grown since the launch of the first installment.

        Can you please tell me when THq stated that DeBlob 2 was going to a AAA title. I still haven't found that in my notes or on the internet.

        Yes, De Blob 2 is important to THq, but it wasn't even marketed to the investment community as an anchor title for the 4Q.

        If it is the case that De Blob 2 sales are lower than expected, then it would mean that:
        Homefront, WWE All Stars, You Don't Know Jack and UDraw (with corresponding software titles) will have to make up the difference.

        I really don't see this as being an issue...again based on what I have forecasted for each title.

      • Homefront is now beating out Bulletstorm in the PS3 "shooter" category on Amazon.

        Sitting at #5 and Bulletstorm #6.

        I am loving it. Homefront hasn't had one online ad anywhere on any of the sites. Bulletstorm has been everywhere.

      • No problem it will. No other game of this genre has ever been this balanced. ATVI and ERTS will just have to copy THQ if they ever want to balance their multiplayers. Sad, that multibillion dollar companies cannot balance a game yet little old Kaos has figured it out. The number one biggest complaint for COD and BF players is balance. All those frustrated players will be happy to switch to Homefront. No more camping, noob tubing, spawn killing for vehicles, laggy servers, and the gaming nerd will no longer own each round.

        Read this article.

        Here is a quote: "The setting of Homefront is painstakingly detailed, and adds an element of reality to this scary scenario, but the team-based play of the multi-player mode rocks."