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  • austinag3 austinag3 Nov 2, 2011 11:33 PM Flag

    ($0.69) Loss For 3rd Quarter

    Most stocks with huge earnings trade at PEs of 1-8 in this bad market. This company posts a massive loss but beats the more massive losses forcast by analysts.

    And it goes up. Funny!!!

    I have stocks with PEs of 1-3 that beat estimates quarter after quarter while growing revenue at 25-60 percent annually. And they are being killed everytime someone cries wolf, or GREECE, or ITALY, or whatever negative vibe they can throw at the market.

    THQ is doing quite bad, and has been for the last few quarters. I guess they should not be under $1.00, but definitely not priced over $2.00.

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    • funniest post all year! thqi is about to take off and you say sell? might as well make your username: scaredshortless hahaha This stock will easily be $3+ by christmas! Bad news is behind us...nothing but great news and record breaking releases ahead of us from here! This is by far the best video game stock to invest in right now

    • Bad market?

      DJIA is UP 2% YTD
      NASDAQ is down 1%

      Not too out tomorrow though :)

      Usually when P/E investing you need to look at what the average INDUSTRY SPECIFIC PE's are so that you can match apples-to-apples.

      I believe the average industry PE for the video game sector has been anywhere between 10-20 for the last 10-12 years. I believe durable goods have always been in the single digits (I could be wrong however I do not have time to research it right now).

      In addition, the PE used is typically forward looking not backwards. That's why it is called speculation.

      In addition again, there are always going to be companies with negative earnings that still trade at positive stock prices.

      As for THq, it is possible (maybe not probable), but possible the worst is over. That is an encouraging sign.

      They still need to execute 3Q most importantly. 4Q would be nice, but is not as critical.

      Good luck.