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  • mrkgffn mrkgffn Dec 12, 2011 4:19 PM Flag

    11/30 S8
    is a form of dilution
    Since they are considered taxable income they are usually sold putting downward pressure on a stock. After they are done the stock usually bounces at that point. Called an post S8 play.

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    • So knowing this, in your opinion what will happen with this stock?

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      • sword_broken Dec 12, 2011 5:15 PM Flag

        Drew,if I may so.
        I figured out you a novice trader.
        1. Don't believe to nobody on this board, use it only as a guidance in your own research
        2. Don't bet farm on one stock
        3. Don't get in-love in the stock or management or somebody enthusiasm on this board
        4. Have clear exit strategy
        5. Try to avoid stocks like THQ in particular moment, they are playground for adventurists and gamblers not for novice.

        It is very educational to read some posts, let say two months ago and you will see how wrong members of board can be.
        We all small investors playing roulette with Goldman Sachs as a croupier in this fancy form of gambling and you must know rules and odds against you to stay in the game.

    • yeah, it means they must now use desperate measures to conserve remaining cash for 2012 operating expenses while at the same time giving stock incentives to keep needed employees from leaving. any non-executive with existing stock options is probably so far underwater that it's truly sad...all their tireless hours (nights,weekends) for nothing. since the company needs its cash for the next R&D cycle, cheap stock is their only carrot left to keep the company from crumbling with mass exits.

      true, this is a short-term impact to current shareholders but the consequences of not doing thie stock giveaway are much worse.

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      • Although valid in your concern pesotrader you may not be entirely correct. At this moment their is not an investor on this board who has any idea of how much cash they do or do not have. With SR3 obtaining 2million sales in right around 4 weeks this company may be in better shape then we expect due to the fact that the game generates pure untarnished reveune for THQ that does not need to be split by licensing agreements. Also they do not have to pay off their 100million debt until 2014. And contrary to belief they are still on pace to complete their greatest quarter in company history. I think Udraw creates concern, but come CC in Feb. THQ may surprise us.