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  • taof8th taof8th Apr 18, 2012 12:25 PM Flag

    Delisting issue

    Delisting issue still has to be addressed here good people and only when the extension is granted the stock will go above $1 on its own. Today's news put BK rumors to sleep and after delisting Is solved I believe they will throw $5M and buy back stock along with insider buying.
    I still believe that lack of insider buying is due to something bigger that we are yet to find out.

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    • I don't think delisting is a concern.
      Cash on hand was more concern to me.

      But with $76M + $50M credit facility as of 3/31/12. That’s been relieved.

    • Boo, BF only wanted to add 2 or 3m for employee grants but he did not
      give them away because our share count is the same. As for vesting I doubt that any of the laid off employees had any so those shares are being returned to the company. During the cc Paul will give you the outstanding nr of shares which was 67M at end of last qtr.

    • Hey Tao, didn't BF hold back 8 million shares to give to their employees just before all of the layoffs. Since a lot of people were laid off, what happens to their shares? I doubt they were vested since they were just offered. Would those shares be divided between all the remaining employees? What typically happens to all of those shares in these circumstances?

    • I didn't mean right away but it is something that I think will happen. They are approved to do it anytime and BF hinted at something. I just think it will be done in the future.

    • at this point of the game do NOT.. Look at Delisting issue... as a concerned... look like
      a two face coin trying to cover there short side..

      so fare fool fool and other were wrong..
      on ThQI....

      the Options are .. Hold .. BUY.. or SELL
      if you made a profit...

    • I have several stocks that have been below $1 for well over a year and now they are finally having to deal with Nasdaq rules. I don't believe we have to worry about delisting for quite some time. There are many notices and warnings and extensions to get through first, before it becomes a concern.

    • I am hoping that by now Nasdaq granted them an extension (thq could not afford to wait until July to request one) telling them let's wait to see how your stock reacts by the July deadline and we'll take it from there, however at some point during the cc they will have to come clean and let us all know how it is handled. Once we get the news we can start opening the champagne and buy more stock.

    • I don't know if I would push a buy-back just yet. I would probably wait to see how the stock performed once the quarterly report is officially released and once E3 has come and gone then, if the stock is still hovering just below a dollar, I would do a buy-back and bring the shares up.

    • I agree with you and also believe there will be no reverse split. BF already hinted to rewarding the shareholders so I would bet on a buyback here.

    • Speculating here, but I personally don't believe they will do a reverse split. Based on the positive reaction of news today, we now have a strong indicator showing that this stock can move when prompted. Shares are maintaining good volume and the percentage is fluctuating between 31-37%. A strong positive.

      The next few days will determine the overall trend for the stock for the next few weeks up until the official quarterly report. From what I can interpret in the books, there is an attempt to depress the stock today, but the overall positive news is keeping it from happening. If we can maintain the same kind of buy interest over the next few weeks, the stock will continue to gradually increase in value.

      Too many variables right now to accurately predict. Too many "if,then" movements in play.

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