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  • kirby2ndplatoon41 kirby2ndplatoon41 Apr 19, 2012 10:00 AM Flag

    Here's what will happen...

    The Market Maker crooks will sell into the excitement until it dies down, (an entire month left to CC on may 15) then they will walk it back down below the new artificial low they just made, below .45, popping every sell trigger along the way and harvesting every share they sold to retail buyers at a higher price, then we will have another 20 million share day as they all cover in a few days, just before the CC. We will get a new round of basher D-bags, including the resident moles who find it necessary to post "delisting issue" topic on what should have been a great positive day, regardless of the content of the posts, as long as the negative tone is kept in the title, with relentless follow up posts to keep it on top fartingale, tao, jedi, and the other moles will work the board as usual. PS, which one of those massive dbags got fired from THQ? thought I read that here not too long ago... Crooks will not let it run until they cover 24% short. Just look at how well the MM crooks are holding the price now. I will make another buy below .45 on the 20 mil volume day, if not I will hold all shares indefinetly for the inevitable run up back to where it should be, but I doubt it goes up before the crooks bring it way down to cover. Stand by for vein popping indignant responses from the pontificating jagoffs. that is all.

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    • I see you've played the game for awhile - lol! You know what's funny your scenario is entirely possible. That's why I'll be watching the close on Fri, especially this week where we have a huge volume breakout. The higher we close relative to the high of the week, the more bullish it is.

      Let me also say that although I've seen plenty of games like you described in your post I honestly don't think THQ plays out this way. Since you're having fun with scenarios here's mine. Assuming we don't break out the remainder of this month, let us close near the high of the week on Fri. Then next week we get some unusual volatility in price, possible retracement to close the gap in prices from this wk. (that gap shouldn't get closed) A quick bottom, price pushes back up towards high of this month with a solid close on 4/30. That - would give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

    • Kirby you are too stupid to get any veins popping! You wrote so much stupidity that I can't even respond to your post except to come down to your level. Here is a summary of your genius elaboration on the future of this stock:
      crooks are at fault
      moles are everywhere
      shorts, shorts and Dbags.
      You forgot to ask how many shares we need dumbass!

    • somebody is doing something illegal

      manipulation so obvious

      this is so criminal

    • I'm not sure if that will be feasible. Insiders were within the two week window of earnings, thus haven't been able to take advantage of the low prices. You have over a 20% short interest as well as investor demand now. Analyst upgrades etc.... I would be very surprised if MM's were able to keep a lid on this. Yesterday was a game changer. We shall see.

    • idiots

    • I'm on the fence. I believe it will run to the positive up until probably tomorrow and then begin the gradual walk-down o0n Monday. However, it does seem to respond to strong market movement, so if the market moves in a strongly positive direction, this may as well.

      Too many variables. Too many moves. Only way to do it is to go day by day. Buy low, sell high.

    • I think it will trend up closer to May 15, with most shorts covering before May 15 as it looks like it will be a very positive earnings call.