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  • overtheskin overtheskin Aug 3, 2012 3:57 PM Flag

    Time to vote Brian off the island

    Hahaha, I'm not sure what people hope to accomplish by accusing random internet strangers of some sort of alias rigging conspiracy. I ended up putting most of those people on ignore. There are enough (legitimate) reasons to be wary of THQ, without resorting to tin-foil hat accusations, or saying crap like "THQ is a scam company, enjoy losing your money idiots" It's just baseless, counter-productive and not constructive to the conversation. To be fair the same goes for some of the wild optimism here, things like "I have a feeling THQ is going to hit 120 bucks a share" though I can appreciate the enthusiasm as a long, it doesn't really move the dialong along in a constructive way.
    I have reasons for owning THQ, and I could back up my reasons with logic (however flawed it may or may not be). But I'm not really out to change other peoples minds on their positions. The flame wars that shorts try to engage in with other posters (though amusing) seem sad at best and downright window-licking retarded at worst.
    Now that I'm done with my little rant, I'm off to the shadows of non-posting again. Thanks again Tao, and good luck to all