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  • david11223 david11223 Aug 15, 2012 10:48 AM Flag

    darksiders 2 hmmm

    The user review score I do not count much. You see some games that sell millions have it rated as 0. User review scores and mostly from pumpers and bashers.

    I really go by the amazon and gamestop and I check out stores and talk to managers and friends.

    Hmmm maybe I go see a fortune teller too:):):) lol just kidding.

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    • u kidding right? Last I checked it got GREAT reviews everywhere and they will easily meet guidance with this because digital market is growing strongly with Steam and Origin becoming larger every day

      DS2 will sell well over the next months and that is what matters. Catalog will be strong throughout the entire next year because THQ has decent games now that customers love

      Also, even if we go into a double-dip in Europe (I remain sceptical) people continue spending money on games, especially games. They might spend less on clothes, going out, etc but during the winter people usually hang out more at home and THQ's winter sale will be pretty strong.

      We'll meet guidance and everything is fine. If they deliver on the next games Wall Str will wake up eventually and the stock will be nowhere close to $5

    • david, I will take your method any day of the week.
      I would have like to see their marketing more targeted.
      EG is store promo and specific tv channels. It is a great game.
      THe question what was its cost? remember UFC had a score of 86 and still did not make money. Darksiders now has more likes on Facebook than Saints Row, another great Game.
      Lets hope cost cutting and great games produces positive cash flow. That is something we have not seen in a long time.