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  • mcflash4 mcflash4 Aug 28, 2012 2:53 PM Flag


    I want to personally thank you fellows for all of your interesting posts!
    I've been in THQ now for about 11 months and have been able to accumulate 11k shares at many different points of entry! Your research and knowledge has proved to be invaluable as I don't personally know any others owning this stock. Many thanks again! Keep up the great work!

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    • what a great lesson for all of us quiet readers of this board to just watch and see how stupidity took over this board. Tao left being pushed out by screaming #$%$ a psycho analyzing beach in Massi who got called on his stupidity, Robcom the garbage of this board and the last screaming beach in Platoon who screams at ghosts and shorts like he was an extra on Deliverance. Stock leaves next and stupidity will rule daily just like it is now. Beef is short acting long, I know deek is his twin, we just need a fluffer (thanks Massi for volunteering) to keep all of us hard and strong on this board.

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      • G1wzwnd........another loser is born. Running commentary on other peoples posts...just what we need.......jackass!!

      • I'm still here. I am finding it very difficult to read this board due to the new format and trying to weed thru all the garbage. There is not much to post about now. (I am still taking jabs at THQ and Rubin on Twitter to try to light a fire under them - to no avail of course)

        We all knew that there would be a lull between DS2 and WWE '13 in late October and then the earnings release in early November.

        THq is keeping mum thinking it is a good strategy or because they don't want the stock to go up, or they just don't care if it does. Again, I believe it is the latter.

        Again, the stock price DOES NOT affect their daily business and their daily lives.
        They get paid handsomely in salary and benefits.

        For the LONGS sake, I hope there is nothing bad behind silence.
        We will know when they want us to know.

    • thanks for the input Jedi, but od dudes credibility is worthless. he can be right all day, i still have no use for him, and neither does anyone else. most of the time he is right, it is either luck or extremely obvious, there are still real thq longs that arent trying to pump or bash on this board, but just share legit information, and there legit opinions. If you dont qualify in that department, then i dont care what you have to say. im staying positive until there is no future releases for thq, or they announce that the company is finished. and when people like od dude and other bashers want to talk trash and have no respect earned on this board to talk trash, then best believe i will defend thq with my input....and no money im not gonna put the world on ignore.

    • Agreed, why would they downsize when it already happened? Maybe he missed that they closed half their studios earlier this year. Worst case scenario, they can go ahead and release enter the dominatrix after all so it's not like they don't have an ace in the hole to keep funding operations for a while.

    • Tank... Od has a point but as usual he is not looking at the big picture. THQ is a much smaller company the over head is still high but no where near like it was before. The debt though will have to be paid back in time.Keep in mind the 60 dollar price tag is getting tougher to collect these days. A little reduction in price & the sales will happen. DS2 is a very good game.Like I said before and it will happen. South Park is going to be crazy.Like crazy money for THQ. Just my 2 cents.

    • Just put he idiots on ignore like the rest of us do. It's a waste of time reading their posts. If you check the messageboard and spend five minutes reading moronic posts then you just wasted a bunch of time or you could check, see there is nothing worth reading and save yourself from reading the idiots. Five minutes a day adds up. Plus we don't have to read your replies to these idiots since we have them on ignore. Or you could read every morn on the board and get run off like Tao. He should have simply put them on ignore.

    • Well then that's another reason why you are "special."

    • im not saying anything. i am typing.

    • Mine does.

    • If you can't be bothered to use proper grammar and spelling then what you say isn't worth reading.

    • It doesn't check grammar.

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