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  • blasterbeef blasterbeef Oct 18, 2012 2:33 PM Flag

    If you sell now, I will feel very sorry for you

    It's a hard lesson to learn. The key is to only have to learn it once. This trading is not due to fundamentals. Time will prove me right.

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    • Boy, you get more clueless with every post. The only support here is 0.

      I feel sorry for anyone who actually listens to you.

    • Starting a position here at $2.75... GL

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      • You better don't, this will open sub 2.75.. going to 2.5 quickly

        No support at any level. Also the fund theory is #$%$ now .. it was done long time ago. I assume insiders know that THQ will miss guidance

        I sold a large position because THQ has been quiet all the time. If they had any good news they would have released it by now but they didn't.. so the selling will continue for a while, makes no sense to sit that out if you can buy lower every day

        If THQ can deliver on Nov 5 I will be back in with a good position. I will also keep an eye on WWE13 but we probably have to wait until Feb and it's way too risky to do that without knowing any hard facts

    • There is a fund still liquidating, most likely still Brencourt. None of us retailers buying is going to do anything to stop the price drop, just have to wait it out. Large buyers will not come until this selling is done. Watch this happen and then please apologize if you called me a pumper.

    • right or wrong about kevin dent, the reality he has been correct in the past. Second THQ has every opportunity to release positive new in regards to there products, sales and plans, and yet even at 19million market cap and still falling they remain silent and refuse to purchase there own shares.
      there silence and in action speaks volumes. Blaster i dont know if your a short or a long, but a lot of people are getting hurt and or will continue to get hurt. People do you own DD, im not telling people to buy or sell these are the risks and rewards you as investors have to make.
      I will say this Management did this and Management can fix it, but they continue to do and say nothing

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      • I'm a long and I keep posting because I want people to have the conviction to stick this out and make some of their money back. Only when you accept that no management cares about the small time short term retail traders (which is the nature of their position), will you begin to think in terms of the relationships you can't see, behind the scenes, between the funds, directors, management, insiders, etc.

        Timing is a very hard thing to predict, but the sequence of events that will occur is much more foreseeable.

      • No fund on the planet wants to show this to their investors. This is a brutal display of window dressing. We have to make it until the end of October and then we can breath.