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  • publikopinion publikopinion Nov 24, 2012 10:37 AM Flag

    The BEST solution for current shareholders


    I'm a shareholder, and yeah, I got burned by this pig. I don't like hearing talk of a stock dilution. Basically, current shareholders would end-up with nothing under that scenario. From my perspective, the best thing that could happen is that THQI goes into bankruptcy, and sells-off its assets, and pays-off it liabilities. I believe that there is a positive net asset value in the company (meaning that the current fair market value of assets exceeds liabilities). I believe that the net asset value per share far exceeds today's stock market price per share. Thus, to maximize current shareholder value, the best scenario is for THQI to go bankrupt and liquidate. If there's a dilution of outstanding shares, then current shareholders will be left with nothing, which has been the intent of Brian Farrel from the beginning. I'm hoping for a class-action lawsuit against that jerk. He's intentionally driven the stock price down in order to "steal" the company from current shareholders.

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