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  • kirby2ndplatoon41 kirby2ndplatoon41 Dec 27, 2012 1:52 PM Flag

    Ever notice the only ones who post smack are total strangers?

    that, and the assault of spam during the attack sessions. Still holding, BK is never as simple as all of the pseudo outraged posted would have you think. Never saw a single user name before, but they sure speak with authority and conviction. Odds are the MM rigging will get this even lower so I will buy more at that point out of spite, then watch the equity and NOL's live on in whatever form they can swindle it into... and if it does survive M Patcher will never mention it. If it does get cancelled I'm sure we'll get another brilliant article. Wonder who he is working for? Been on their payroll for a long time imo. Bring on the Cancelled/delisted/wiped out posts you fingretards. BK can last for years. YEARS. If you think JR is going to waltz into court and walk out in 30 days you are kidding yourself. Ask yourself why so many of these posters are so determined to SCREAM sell so many times, every day. Moneyblackhole seems pretty dedicated for a guy who supposedly sold. Great sympathy posts, "Boo hoo, I lost 80% and you should join me, whaaa whaaaaa...." Most longs will not sell out of spite, and it is pointless to do so at this price, especially after a 10 to 1 RS, so go F*@% yourselves. The price of admission to another BK heist is already paid, might as well enjoy the show. For the record, I will buy more if it gets hammeres down the the ultimate short cover level, but odds are most covered on the 3 to 4 mil day we had, unless someone cares to post current short info. No? ok, just keep posting smack, it's all we'll get anyway. BTW, savethq posted his last tweet last week but all the pontificating knowitalls are still posting on his data harvesting site. Remember our pal Blasterbeef? who's first post was a short insult about THQ being a scam company? He is still offering the same advice as moneyblackmole to quickley sell at the lows if you are not already out. Such humanitarians, wearms the cockels of my heart during this holiday season of good will twords men. Awesome. Again, go F!@% yourself. Long till the end, as if there is a choice.Good luck to any longs who are here till the credits roll. No point in posting during this current assault, Enjoy your New Year!

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    • Seriously? Is all that about me necessary? You've been telling people not to sell at the bottom the whole way down. The truth is, you don't know where the bottom is. When i sold you said it was the bottom but most people would be happy to have that now.

      What makes you think that the company will get more than 250 million dollars anyway?

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      • boomshakalakalakaboomshakalakala boomshakalakalakaboomshakalakala Dec 27, 2012 10:26 PM Flag

        Gotta say, as a lurker with no skin in the game, even though moneyb times, his "Doom saying" ended up much closer to reality than the folks who stated that BK would "never happen." Gotta give him his props.

      • Money.. Kirby fails to understand the common shareholders are finished. The only people who are going to make a bunch of dollars are management. Perhaps they will be sued.

      • imo you post according to what side of the trade you are on, not a long or supporter of the company by any means, just like the other dozen of name calling CEO hating trools. Nothing wrong with that I guess since everyone else does it, but there is something about quitters and heavy posting to sell that just gets old. Just a sad long who fells down and wants to whine? that's cool too if that's your therapy. Again, you forgot to ask me if I care.
        Now, as for sale price, I never said they will get more than 250 mil, but I'm assuming that is the price at which you thing shareholders get paid... interesting line from the savethq mole board where a "new" poster thinks out loud about selling for his end of year tax loss;

        "(This is speculation, and based on my limited knowledge) It seems like there are 6.9M shares out there. I don't think it's unreasonable that we get about $3M from the BK case (with $60M to $100M from a buyer), which would work out to about $0.43 per share. If we get some big buyers ($100M to $200M), we might see $10M for $1.45 per share. Of course we could get some even bigger buyers, in which case we could get even more, but that seems unlikely to me. There is also the possibility that the common shares somehow own stock on a Canadian THQ, but I really have no clue what is going on there."
        Now, what with THQ being the #4? 5? top global game publisher with some serious core owned franchises (I'm actually playing SR3 now, holy sheet...) and billions churning in and out the door, mostly out like every other corporate 3 card monty game, Yes, I think there could be some sick offer to grab the intellectual properties on the table. What about Canada and Foreign operations? Excluded from the bankruptcy...Where does the corporate core remain? very little talk about that for some reason but I'm sure I won't see much discussion on it... back to bashing and name calling of the company execs? Maybe Patcher can do another audio interview that says something like "shareholders are done, they just don't know it yet" and THQ prez JR can tweet the article again, or the Forbes "THQ Rallies In The Stupid Man's Trade Du Jour" can write an article that even acknowledges the concept? mmmm, no. Their job is to kick it on the ground at this point. 7 mil shares is not a lot, tiny float, and close to a million is trading today again. EOY, whatever. who cares. Somebody buys with both handsor it goes to .0001 in a hurry. Never as simple as it looks, anything is possible but all I hear is SELL so go ahead, sell. Oh right, you are already out, along with all the other THQ MB help thy neighbor bloggers. Got it. Sell, stay sold. Message received.
        There are big number shareholders who are lawyering up and getting into court before a gavel gets hit. Seen it before, they usually get smacked down and dissaper, then everyone starts asking for their donations back on the MB, and the good smaritain with the group paypal account goes MIA... crazy to think the honset investors stand a chance in any court imo, so I won't waste my time, but I wish them luck, you never know. Again, good luck Longs, and Gamers who like THQ.... As for the rest of you, See my last post for current sentiment. Happy New Year!!!