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  • jfm00798 jfm00798 Aug 8, 1998 4:38 PM Flag

    What does the short ratio indicate?

    Several prior postings where discussing the
    of the short ratio. According to IBD's Guide to
    Performance Investing:

    The short interest ratio is
    the ratio of the shorts to the
    total market
    value. When this value exceeds 2.5 this is a bullish
    sign for that stock.

    T-HQ's Short ratio

    Short Interest Shares Shorts as of July 8, 1998 is

    Short Ratio 7.86

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    • Once the split occurs and the institutions start

      There is going to be a huge short

      This squeeze could easily tack on 5-10 points
      depending on
      panic buying.....

      Why someone would
      want to be short this company is beyond my
      of comprehension....

      • 2 Replies to REITmaster
      • A high short interest ratio coupled witha strong
        fundamental will equal a squeeze that could
        launch THQ-I.
        Agree with the statement that you
        would have to be a
        idiot to short this stock BUT if
        we are right we will be
        thanking those shortees.

      • <<< Why someone would want to be short
        this company is beyond my
        limits of

        Try Ginko or ALC.

        Longs usually don't
        understand shorts and vice versa. Makes the market

        Companies which acquire other companies
        usually experience a decline in price in the short term.
        Not always but more often than not. Then there is the
        question of the dress. A pretty good reason to be short
        anything rather than long this coming

        Personally I see this stock going up pretty soon. But it
        sure isn't a gimme IMO.