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  • REITmaster REITmaster Aug 28, 1998 10:15 AM Flag

    thqi and the market

    It is all the way back to $20 pre-split........

    THis is crazy....Stock should be at $40 or so...

    Who is selling and why?

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    • Looks like single digits ahead with a loss of over $1 a day..

      No turnaround in sight......

      Target: $5 by XMAS

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      • 5 bucks by Christmas and THQI can do a fucking 1/5 reverse split, so at least the price will appear to be normal.


      • dont overreact people!
        this is simply a
        nothing more nothing less
        the street has been looking
        for an excuse to take some money off the table and
        along comes russia
        back in october it was asia and
        look where we went from there

        the only way to
        prevail in situations like this is to buy more of the
        companies with solid fundamentals....companies like
        why anyone would think thqi will hit $5 by christmas
        is beyond me
        thqi is sitting at the highest
        oversold spot since early june
        these are the moment
        sthat shake out all the weak hands and provide the
        wiser few an opportunity to buy
        i have been in this
        stock for more than a year and every quarter the
        beginning of the month before earnings are posted is the
        lowest point of this stocks trading range
        nothing is
        evident to show me that thqi will not trade again at new
        they have a solid line up heading towards christmas
        with rugrats leading the product line
        once again in
        october thqi will post record revenues and those who have
        hung in there will be rewarded
        those who sell at
        the lowest point will be scolded and in my eyes it
        will be well deserved
        have faith in this great
        company and remember that small caps rise and fall faster
        than the blue chips
        buy buy buy!