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  • tshea_98 tshea_98 Sep 8, 1998 5:58 PM Flag

    Fidelity's response to borrowing shares

    Here is Fidelity's response to borrowing shares
    to shorts:
    A stock held within a Fidelity
    brokerage account can be held in cash or margin. Your
    positions in your non-IRA brokerage account are held in
    margin. Short sellers can borrow positions that are held
    in margin. This is a procedure that is called
    rehypothecation and is practiced throughout the brokerage
    industry. Please note that you also have an Autojournal
    feature on your account that automatically transfers your
    cash positions to margin. In order to be assured that
    your positions cannot be borrowed again you would need
    to have the Autojournal feature removed and have all
    positions moved from margin to cash. Please note that your
    IRA account cannot have margin, and all of your
    positions are being held in cash. Therefore, your shares
    cannot be available for borrowing. Bottom line everyone
    needs to check with your broker because this is
    practiced all the time on margin accounts. Hope this clears
    things up. If everyone does this we will continue this
    short sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzeee!!!

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    • Enough to meet earnings estimates...

      they could pull some $$$ from the super high 40%

      I think they will at worst case scenario MEET

      But most likely BEAT estimates....Then the 4th qtr
      will be
      one hell of a quarter!

    • If you read my post #2761 it has a list of what I
      expect THQ to be releasing this quarter ending Sept. 30.
      I am not aware of any slipping. All games shipped
      by September 30 count towards revenue in this
      quarter. I still beleive they will handily beat the
      analyst estimates.

    • Hey now... I didn't say they delayed thing you know with some people who own this
      stock they'll be selling because of a rumor about THQI
      missing earnings. I guess I wasn't clear with my comment.
      If anyone knows or can get the
      answer please
      1) what were the scheduled release dates for 3rd
      quater games?
      2)what have been the actual release
      3)when is the fiscal 3rd quarter end for THQI, or the
      time when they cannot add games shipments to

      thanks walter

    • I have not heard of games being delayed what is this.

      some games were adjusted but that was discussed in the conference call am i missing something?

    • IMO THQI should meet estimates no problem since
      they usually BLOW out earnings. Even if they came in
      lower, the amount they are usually above should give
      them a good cushion. Also, there is quite a bit of $$
      in reserve that could be moved to the bottom line if
      they needed a boost. Games seem to be shipping as we
      speak...BASSmasters, G Darius, Brunswick Bowling and all are getting
      good reviews. Farrell hasn't dissapointed yet, so I
      tend to think the quarter is in the bag. We'll have to
      wait and see though.



    • Thanks for the info dave, I know todd is super
      busy and cannot reply to things posted. He among
      others is very good at estimating the quarterly earnings
      with a model that he has created. Iam just curious
      with some of these titles being pushed back, if we
      might not make our numbers projected this quarter.
      Sales of current games, ie.Quest, are dwindling and if
      these new titles don't ship in time it could be
      disastrous to the stock price near term.
      I was going to
      mention that shorting a % of the shorts are probably
      shorting against the box...not just institutions but
      probably the guys that have been in this stock from the
      secondary back when...the more savy investors realize that
      before earnings there is a run up and then a large drop.
      So they short against the shares they hold long
      until the stock stabilizes.

      I just did that with
      a VNWK and covered about a week ago at 18 1/4.


    • If Warzone is selling so well, does this mean
      that AKLM stock will spike up before it declines
      precipitously when they realize they no longer have the WWF
      license and how will they ever be able to replace those

      Been there, done that! :-)

      I think the THQI
      stock price will wander until it begins to build
      starting with the second week of October leading up to


    • Segasoft seems to have tied up the @Home
      connection for online gaming. I posted that on the AOL board
      last month. I was hoping that THQI might have jumped
      on that opportunity before anyone else. I don't
      think it would exclude them, however from creating
      their own game site which could be accessed through the
      broadband services of @Home. Talk about a growing company!

    • Segasoft seems to have tied up the @Home
      connection for online gaming. I posted that on the AOL board
      last month. I was hoping that THQI might have jumped
      on that opportunity before anyone else. I don't
      think it would exclude them, however from creating
      their own game site which could be accessed through the
      braodband services of @Home. Talk about a growing company!

    • I finally spoke with a representative from THQ
      today. For about 20 minutes, I asked all our qustions
      and she made a lot of things clear.

      1) THQ is
      more than 50% institutionally owned.(keep that in

      2) When THQ announced the Convertible Debt offering,
      the stock nosedived due to inevitable dilution. The
      company cancelled the offering due to market conditions.
      Therefore expect it again in the future once the stock
      price firms up.

      3) The high short volume is most
      likely due to the institutional ownership, since they
      short stocks that face dillution as a form of hedging
      their position!

      4) Why does THQ need to raise
      money with all the cash that it already has? Not for
      working capital; it hs enough lines of credit and cash to
      take care of daily operations. I got the hint
      (implicitely ofcourse) of growth through

      5) Managements mentality is to raise funds during
      prosperous times and high stock price (logically). When is
      the best time for that; 4Q???

      Well guys, if
      you like rollercoasters, stay with THQ. If you like
      rockets, buy Dell and if you like the Merry-go round, buy
      Coke! Goodnight..

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