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  • I_am_superior_to_you I_am_superior_to_you Nov 12, 1998 9:46 AM Flag

    Oh oh, down again

    I guess I'm a little early for school... But at least I can teach you a lesson. Never bet against the superior one, cause the superior one always wins!

    (read my name)

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    • You are most likely buried in this stock on the
      short side and
      are praying that you can cover at a
      lower price....

      Most likely you have a
      significant loss here....

      I am experienced enough to
      know a bluffer when I see one..


    • Revenge is SOLD OUT at Software Etc...awaiting
      new shipments
      Revenge is selling fast at Toys R Us
      according to my contact there.

      So quit spreading
      lies on this board, Mr Inferior...


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      • Here's another top selling list, this time on the
        PC side. Although there are no THQ games, I was
        astounded by #4. From FGN.ONLINE:

        <<� Hunter
        II Blasts Charts

        PC: Deer Hunter II from GT
        Interactive has come in top in the recently released top ten
        from PC Data. The popularity of abject animal massacre
        never ceases to amaze. Here's the list in

        1. Deer Hunter II 3D (GT) 2. Links LS Golf '99
        Upgrade (Access) 3. Diablo (Cendant) 4. Rugrats Adventure
        Game (Learning Co.) 5. Play With The Teletubbies
        (Cendant) 6. Civil War Generals 2 (Cendant) 7. Starcraft
        (Cendant) 8. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (Red Storm) 9. Barbie
        Nail Designer (Mattel) 10. Lego Island (Learning

        Rugrats for PC selling well???? I never would have
        imagined that PC games for the pre-teen set would sell so
        well, but there's a few others on the list as well
        (Lego, Teletubbies, Barbie).

        Watch out for our
        Rugrats release! I think this one's going to do even
        better than I anticipated. I'll give early
        congratulations to the THQ crew on this one.

        anticipation of the Rugrats campaign, I picked up some March
        30 calls yesterday, and I'm thinking about getting
        some for June now. With Revenge selling awesome,
        Rugrats and WCW for PC coming up, and with the
        reinvigoration of Gameboy sales through the color Gameboy, this
        quarter promises to be absolutely huge. Just imagine, in
        3 months we're going to be talking about how we can
        top 4Q next year. I suspect that once we have some
        early returns on Rugrats, we'll see a few upgrades on
        quarterly estimates.

    • The same people but your identities sure do offer
      the same cocky statements," I am superior to you" and
      this other poster has "I am wonderful." Hmmm. Your 25
      and you've made millions already that's need equity to make equity, do you come from a
      silver spoon family or did you use your superb trading
      skills while borrowing money?
      Things just don't add
      up, I can appreciate some of your views, but to first
      announce that this stock is going to 12 tommorrow when its
      trading at new highs and then once it's at 23 declare
      your short... doesn't give you much creditibility.

      I could annouce now that I sold all my position
      from the secondary offering back in 97 with a cost
      basis of 8 and declare myself a great trader, does this
      make it true? the board can decide.