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  • RaYmUsss RaYmUsss Feb 28, 1999 11:09 AM Flag

    Manipulation on the...

    entire video game sector. Look at AKLM, ERTS, and
    ATVI all have
    suffered way before THQI did. AKLM
    when for 13 to 7 after solid earnings. ERTS when from
    53 to 39 after a blowout earning. Fundamentals does
    not matter with these stocks. The big boys have
    pumped and now they are dumping. Small holders have no
    effect on this stock. I wouldn't be surprise to see THQI
    stumble to $15 until the big boys feel like pumping
    again. BE CAUTIOUS.

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    • buy more. This is one the problems with smaller
      cap stocks with decent avg. daily volume, you pick an
      off day and you can easily control the price of the
      stock - you have to have a certain volume to place
      large puts and shorts etc. I have seen this happen on
      numerous "good/great" companies that are 200m-600m market
      caps stocks with at min. a volume of > 200,000
      sh/day. This would not be possible with large companies
      or illiquid smaller caps or companies that are not
      in sound shape with good future PE's. I take
      advantage and buy when I see this occur - these traders
      make money and I accumulate a great stock at a
      bargain. I don't know why anyone is complaining unless
      they are very short term profit takers but then this
      is an opportunity to accumulate. Look at any good
      companies whos profile is like THQI and see what happened
      to their stock over the last year or so and you will
      see this happens quite alot.

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      • GasGuy007 and NoSumThing take a peek @ the
        insider trades and notice who's lining their pockets with
        exercised options, ringing
        their own registers...Farrell
        chmn,/Pres/CEO and Haller Sr.VP does this action raise anyones
        eyebrow????? It's your stock manipulation. Watch

      • you accummulate THQI. Yes, THQI will again break
        its all time high sometimes this year. But I don't
        believe we've seem the low yet. Right now the marktet is
        going through a correction factor and this will occur
        for the next couple of weeks. Its a slow period for
        video game right now. Compare AKLM, ERST, ATVI, THDO,
        ELBO and game companies with both large
        and small float. This is just my opinion. Investors
        should do their own research.