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  • monte_888 monte_888 Sep 2, 1999 10:04 AM Flag

    Yes $$$$ Going to $15

    Better sell now or lose your a$$

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    • I found this while

      Online review from TIME technology columnist Josh

      I'm sitting at a new Dell Dimension XPS T500 -- one
      of the first generation of PCs to sport the new
      Pentium III chip.It's a sweet machine and, at $2,679,
      fully appointed with a 4.8X DVD player, 20-gigabyte
      hard drive, 128 megs of RAM, a 17-inch Trinitron
      monitor and so on. At 500 MHz, it's one of the fastest
      PCs you could buy as of last week. So what am I doing
      with all that horsepower? Bowling.<

      program, Brunswick First Strike Bowling, sold by THQ,is
      still in development and shows what a good coder can do
      with the P3 chip. Watch as your bowler releases a
      gorgeously rendered, three-dimensional-looking bowling ball.
      It looks as if it's made of dense blue marble -- you
      can see the overhead lights of the room reflect off
      it as it rolls down the alley, which is highly waxed
      and glistens. It reminds me of the Pixar-style
      animation you see in a movie theater. It's so real it makes
      me want to start smoking



      I guess every bit of advertisement helps. What did
      Seltzer say?
      We just need some of the sleepers to
      become hits and there we go again.


    • To those few who think console is dead and about
      to be replaced by the PC: dream on ... and then
      check this article about Microsoft's entry into the


    • Wives and family are very welcome!
      While I am
      not much of a fisherman we had a friend over from
      England who was and he caught quite a few. So bring your
      pole if you are so inclined. We have a bait shot near
      here run by a fellow who goes by the name of the
      Master Baiter.

      Let us know your schedules so we
      can start working out the date or dates. I think we
      are going to have a great time!


    • Bigdog, thanks for the link to the story on the
      game boy linked to (or as?) wireless handheld interent
      device. This is coming, IMO. Knowing THQ, they will only
      do games for this kind of thing when there is money
      to be made at it, so they will probably not be the
      first with such a game. But THQ will be doing such
      games some time in the next few years, IMO. The story
      shows just some of the many exciting possibilities for
      the future in video games. With ideas like these, I
      am more convinced than ever that video games is a
      growth industry for the forseeable future. (The whole
      idea of handheld wireless internet access devices is
      exciting, I think. If these take off, which I think is
      inevitable, it will be good for companies like QCOM, which I

    • went to Target In Nanuet, Rockland Co. NY yesterday. The following THQ games seem to be selling well: WCW THUNDER,WCW NITRO, and all Rugrats.

      Looking good.

    • The people saying "ouch" are WCW - they only had one hour of programming in the top 15. Unlike some others, I feel that viewers = game sales.

    • did you guys say "f" bwelb? Maybe somebody is, if you get my drift.

    • I know you said "ouch" but look at 12 and 14 "Rugrats", so it's not all bad.

    • sounds good to me, lets see what the rest of the
      board thinks (those that can make it) I think by then I
      should be able to help with the shorts (ribs). Shall I
      bring the misses and my 2 daughters or should we keep
      it to the board? Oh yeah, I forgot bwelb just got
      the M-worded, I guess that means the Misses comes

      How's the fishing? Do you do much? Oct. should
      give us plenty of time before the fog season rolls in
      so it should be great!

      thanks for the

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