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  • tdyaa tdyaa Sep 18, 1999 3:53 PM Flag

    THQ HOme Page is down..any one know if.

    ...THQI has any involvement w/Pokemon? If, not, who does???
    Thanks in advance. I've read back on this board & don't see any reference to Pokemon but I'm still hoping anyway.

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    • Analysts have cut their earnings estimates for
      Nintendo for
      just that reason. Despite doing a
      substantial amount of business
      around the world, Nintendo
      apparently has not been heding
      their foreign exchange
      exposure at all. (EPS #s were also
      hurt by the recent
      cut in N64 console prices.)

      I saw this stuff
      in a report by an analyst at Commerzbank
      Multex. He also noted how strong Game Boy sales are,
      suggested they could come in more than 10 percent above

      Nintendo's projections (2.2 or 2.3 million units vs
      million units). Software sales were projected at
      like 80 million units.

      By the way, what's
      "WCW"? (Ha!)

    • Since we order all our PSX and N64 from Japanese
      firms, what will be the effect of rising yen?

      SNE and Nintendo free to raise price to cover their
      rising Japanese costs? Do they use transplat in the

      15% yen rising in the past Qtr or so.

    • FWIW, one of the analysts following THQ noted in a recent research report that "THQ shipped roughly 1.6 million copies" of Revenge in Q4'98 alone.

    • I could believe it, on a sell-through basis.
      There may be an additional 200k out in the channel now
      that were shipped before the June 30 cut off date.

      Since WCW Nitro N64 came out in Feb or March, I think
      THQ took the conservative approach on shipments of
      both sku's.

      Although, I think WWF Wrestlemania
      2000 N64 will ship 1.5-2 million easy, since the N64
      installed base is larger than it was a year ago, WWF is
      more popular now than it was a year ago, the game
      keeps getting rave reviews, the game is already listed
      on the hottest-sellers as a pre-order, and THQ has
      the WWF license for 10 YEARS, so no need to worry
      about for how long they can ship, market and sell the

      (Read Superiors Name)

    • You've been around awhile, just wondering do you think the 1.1 mil. units is right? That would mean THQ only shipped another 200,000 after 4th qtr. I find this hard to believe.


    • Sorry, didn't mean to jump on you for the JAKK's
      comment. It's just every thing I read with JAKKs and WWF,
      gives them positives IE., JAKKS will also have the
      rights to the WWF video games which will add to a very
      strong 4th qtr.. While every time I read something with
      THQ and WWF it reads something like this...THQ has
      lost the WCW license and will have to split the WWF
      license with JAKKs. I mean come on who's making the game?
      I just wish the market would give THQ the name rec.
      Brian and THQ employees have worked so hard to earn! My
      bet is they will in the very near future!


    • My guess for 3Q = .33

      I don't expect 4Q to
      be outrageous. Maybe 20-25% higher than last year.
      Even though I think they could easily blow out the
      numbers, there is absolutely no reason for them to do.
      They'd just have to beat it next year. Managing earnings
      has worked for the last 4 years, it will work

      Also, 1.1 million for WCW Revenge N64 was the number
      quoted in GameWeek, September 29, 1999 issue.

    • I'm using 13,250 shares outstanding. Thanks for the update. Concerning margins, I don't see how he can go higher considering it was a N64 dependent quarter.



    • OOPS! Your part right. The revs. should read
      48mil. I have 3 sets of numbers sitting next to me,
      High, low, and means, by mistake I wrote my low rev.
      number with my means EPS number.

      I'm also only
      using 13mil. shrs. outstanding will they really be that
      much higher? I sure hope not. Also look for some of
      the reserves to start falling into the bottom line.
      Also the margins will be alot better for Rushmore,
      some nice PC sales over their.

      One more note
      Brian wants to show the investing community that this
      is CASE CLOSED!!! So he will show higher margins.


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