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  • calmdotcom calmdotcom Jan 4, 2000 12:26 PM Flag


    Mick-seems to be resistance at 27. Whaddya think? Christ I'm turning into a TA.

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    • >> Do you have kids?
      Nope, I don't. But
      if I did, I wouldn't let them watch the WWF. My
      understanding of sector leadership leads me to believe that
      that the leader is usually awarded a higher P/E than
      its competitors. As long as JAKK has a higher P/E
      than MAT and HAS, I'm not interested on a fundamental
      basis. And I think you misunderstood: JAKK is most
      definitely not being added to the S&P500 (a large cap
      index), but rather the small cap index. Good luck with
      your investments.

      Based on what I have
      read of dragon's posts on the SFP board, I respect him
      a great deal. He seems to have excellent
      stock-picking skills, his TA is reasonable, and he treats
      others with civility and respect. I give all his ideas


    • I do and while your TA doesn't like JAKKS, their
      toys are being snatched off the shelves. Wrestling is
      big business, whether we like it or not and little
      boys will always play with toy cars. I have owned this
      company starting at $8. I have been in and out. I am back
      in not only because of the upcoming Feb Toy FAir,
      but because of JAKK being added to the S&P500 and
      Small Cap 600.

    • I can vouch for that. My dad is 71 and he spends all day playing his (THQ) bassmasters and "Deer Hunter".

      Looks like THQ bounced off the 100 mda

    • Rock, while I'm gratified that you respect my
      opinion, that's not my strong suit.

      But here are
      some thoughts:
      *Migrating to cheaper media
      increases margins.
      *Having more internal development
      increases fixed costs.
      *128-bit development costs are
      higher, which may limit undertaking "B-titles". This
      could hurt THQ.
      *On the other hand, Rugrats, WWF,
      DangerGirl, PowerRangers could mean many more "A-titles" than
      we're accustomed to.
      *Tremendous sell-through in
      recent season means reserves must (should?) be

      Yesterday, I revealed that I think THQ's fully-taxed FY99
      earnings will be 1.50-1.60. Given 50% growth, I would
      predict 2.25-2.40 for Y2K. That beats analysts by 15-20%,
      which is the historical norm, no?

      While I'm on
      the subject of earnings, E*Trade is now reporting
      THQ's TTM earnings as 1.23, down from 1.58. Anyone know
      how they might have arrived at this number (other
      than some snafu)?


    • Can I bug you one more time?We've all pretty much
      noticed that THQ estimates have held strong.Given the
      history and what you know about the coming year,what are
      your expectations?Management apparently is comfortable
      with around 2$ pre split-whats your opinion?

    • Seem to remember a feature I saw on TV during the
      holidays about video games (CNBC?) that said games like
      fishing, bowling, hunting and other such sport games are
      becoming popular with the "older" set (30+). Don't
      remember any of the details. But the gist was that video
      games are more popular than ever (as if we THQ share
      holders didn't know that already).

      At 14:25
      838,600 shares traded and last price 26 1/4.

    • While I'm always somewhat aware of what JAKK is
      doing, I don't watch it the same way I watch THQ. For
      starters, I don't like their management much (although
      Friedman is more adept with the PR aspect of his job). I
      also don't want to be invested in a traditional toy
      company, and while some may argue, I think JAKK fits the

      But as far as TA goes, JAKK is below its 200-DMA. The
      200-DMA is probably going to continue to act as
      resistance until the 50-DMA sinks to intersect it. I would
      continue to be on the sidelines with this one.

      always, TA is only a piece of the puzzle. The Y2K
      estimates seem to have been revised down: JAKK had its day in the sun. I'm going to


    • Tex, thanks for your information. You must also watch JAKK. How about the TA of JAKK?

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