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  • bidupbid bidupbid Feb 11, 2000 9:56 AM Flag

    ERTS/THQI merger in works

    You heard it here first.


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    • Why? Stop deluding yourself. The is no reason for
      ERTS to buy THQI, there is nothing there. No
      development staff, and only one good title. Unfortunately, on
      the one good title, THQI has to share with Jakk's.
      ERTS has WCW license anyway, so they already have a
      wrestling title. ERTS already has distribution too. This
      deal would never make sense for ERTS IMHO. You guys
      are delusional on this board.

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      • Exactly my opinion also. There is no way ERTS would buy THQI period.

      • title?

        And what about Westwood for one
        good title?

        It looks like one good title is all
        you need. Good thing is THQ has more than one good

        Given the PEs and market caps of both companies, a
        buyout is by erts is very possible. During the last
        console transition, THQ made so much money off of ERTS
        titles that off that foundation, they are able to
        compete very strongly in this industry today. I don't
        think ERTS wants to make the same mistake twice.

      • I already gave my rationale for it and I will do
        it again. ERTS want to be the videogame sports
        leader. They established their leadership in football,
        basketball, hockey, baseball, golf, and nascar racing. The
        only sport they're not the leader in is wrestling.
        They wanted the WCW license really bad and paid big
        bucks to snatch it away from THQ. WCW was the #1
        wrestling federation at the time they bought the license
        but not anymore. WWF ratings are approaching 3 times
        that of WCW. The WCW organization is also falling
        apart. There's been constant changes in the management
        and wrestlers have been leaving the company. THQ's
        wrestling games are also far superior to games released by
        other companies out there. So the only way ERTS can
        become the leader in wrestling is by getting THQ's
        wrestling games and the only way to do that is to buy the
        company and sell the WCW license to some other gaming
        company. ERTS would also acquire other sports titles from
        THQ, bowling, pool, and fishing. These titles would
        help ERTS cover every sport category out there.
        Furthermore ERTS and THQI already have a good working
        relationship. THQI published ERTS 16-bit games and they
        currently make conversions of ERTS sports games for the GBC
        and conversions Road Rash and Nuclear Strike for the
        N64. What even funnier is that THQ's version of Road
        Rash got better reviews than ERTS Road Rash Jailbreak
        is currently getting. Nuclear Strike also received
        good reviews and the GBC version of Madden and NHL got
        great reviews.

      • 4. Thq is not getting bought out / merged with erts.