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  • I__am__superior__to__you I__am__superior__to__you Oct 13, 2000 11:53 AM Flag

    PS2 Release Date and Schedule?

    Hey guys, I got a question for the

    What is the release date for the PS2? I'm thinking
    about trying to get one. Also, I know that Sony is only
    planning on releasing 500,000 units initially, does anyone
    have an indication when they will be able to follow
    that up with more units? Will there be more in 2000 or
    will people have to wait until 2001?

    Also FWIW,
    I was surprised that no one on Yahoo or the RB
    picked up on this, but this guest Wall Street dude on
    CNBC...Doug Scease (sp?)...mentioned THQI as one of the "best
    kept secrets" on Wall Street based on his "inside"
    sources (obviously different ones than our buddy HG as He commented that it is not because of sales this
    Xmas as much as it is the future for THQ once the PS2
    gets established. He also commented that THQ only has
    one PS2 game and thus is not going to be greatly
    affected by the reduced rollout of the PS2 console. He did
    comment on their Gameboy and Gameboy Advanced lineup as
    being a big positive.

    Thanks in advance. And by
    the way, I sold at $17 so it really does not apply
    anymore but in case you forgot who I am...

    my name)

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