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    SEPT. 12TH 2012
    Daily Commentary

    BUY-IF is confirmed by a white candlestick with a higher open. The buying price is today's open ( 2.8000 ) according to the Rules of Confirmation.
    The recent bullish formation leading to the BUY-IF signal is confirmed today. The market seems ready for a new bullish move. It opened today with a gap-up and the day’s activity resulted in a close higher than the open. This is one of our valid confirmation criteria.
    The significant failure of the previous SELL signal is unfortunately confirmed too. Our shot went away this time. It is a fact that such signal failures are more unlikely for higher rated stocks, but it is not possible to deal with all the vagaries of the stock market. The signal system, however, continues to do an excellent job in the overall, despite such failures. This can be seen easily with a quick glance to the signal history table.
    We hope that you bought this stock and still have the chance to profit from the later phase of the bullish attack. Today you were supposed to watch the upward gap in the opening, wait a bit, feel the bullish tendency of the market making sure that prices stay over the opening price and then go long. Your benchmark was the opening price of the upward gap.
    If you bought, continue to hold this stock until the confirmation of the next SELL-IF signal. You are on relatively safe grounds as long as the future prices continue to trade above the benchmark price and if an emergency warning is not issued. What to do if you did not buy? Maybe, you did not have time to follow the session or you simply delegated the delicate job of confirmation to us. Well it is a bit late, but not too late. You may still find suitable prices for buying in the following sessions and still profit in case of a sustained bullish move.
    The market is currently ========== cold for short-sellers===========. Avoid any =====short sales===== and===== cover the short positions immediately========== if there are any. We erred significantly on the short side last time, but we are sure that you may easily cover your losses (if any) by basing your future trades on our signal system. ============================================================================================================================================================

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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