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  • dweber877 dweber877 Sep 13, 2012 10:15 AM Flag

    replacement for guar gum, big big big market

    Halliburton, the world's largest provider of hydraulic fracturing services, says prices for some varieties of guar gum have surged more than 800 percent since January 2011.

    Brenham-based Blue Bell Creameries has experienced a twofold increase in the cost of the guar gum it uses to prevent ice crystals in its products.

    "When you're in ice cream manufacturing, it's one of the main products that you use," said Mark Patranella, a purchasing manager for Blue Bell Creameries.

    Prices slam industry

    And Arefa Baksh, a purchasing manager of ingredients for Nestle USA, now monitors the progress of the monsoon season in India because conditions there affect the guar crop - derivatives of which Nestle uses for yogurts, dressings, fruit bars and other products.

    "Because this is a big issue, I know a lot more than I probably need to," she said.

    The soaring use of hydraulic fracturing for oil has consumed enormous amounts of guar gum over the last two years.

    Halliburton, an oil field services company with headquarters in Houston and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, said this month that its second-quarter margins will be down as much #$%$5 percentage points from the first three months of the year because of rising guar prices.

    Guar now accounts for as much as 30 percent of fracturing costs, according to research from RBC Capital Markets.

    The price for guar powder, which is used to make guar gum, has skyrocketed from about $1 a pound two years ago to $12 a pound, according to RBC.

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    • Specifically, Z Trim Holdings, Inc. has developed functional ingredients that are superior to many widely used ingredients that have the following characteristics:

      Binders/Adhesives: Our industrial ingredients are superior in functionality to xanthan gum, starch, CMC and ligno-sulfinates.

      Viscofiers: Our industrial ingredients have unique properties as well as very high water-holding capacity that could potentially replace guar gum.

      Emulsifiers: Our industrial ingredients are superior in functionality to starch, CMC, xanthan gum, and are at parity with gum Arabic.

      New Markets

      Z Trim Holdings, Inc. has identified several new markets that it will seek to penetrate with its ground-breaking industrial ingredients.

      Key opportunities include:

       Oil drilling fluids
       Hydraulic fracturing (Fracking) fluids and proppants
       Petroleum coke production
       Iron ore production
       Charcoal briquetting
       Paper and wood adhesive manufacturing

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