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  • flashywildwest flashywildwest Sep 24, 2012 2:11 PM Flag


    WELL THIS POKER GAME WONT BE OVER TO C.E.O. STEVE COHEN SPEAKS I GUESS. THE trading today and the qtes today are way diff. at this point than in the past. You normally see the real bid or offer for what the custs. that are bidding and offering in shares really want. The day trader is in nowaysville at this time with a NICKEL range $3.03 to $3.07 FOR THE DAY SO FAR. NO leaks on the numbers for the whole thrid qtr. """ YET """ , so its acting like a nothing day for the rest of the day, """ IF """ we dont get news from the company or the N.A.S.D.Q. on poss. getting on there exchange before the end of this coming 4th quarter. I'm just seating here with a nice size buy order and a small sell order way above the =52=week high since im not watching the tape today. HOPE all here had a nice weekend , " I DID "..AN THIS WEEKEND IS MY DAUGHTERS 30TH BIRTHDAY......THIS IS A BIGGIE FOR HER, BUT A BIGGER-B IGGIE ( hahahahahahahahahahahaha ) FOR MY WIFE AND I.....TIME SURE PASTS QUICK WHEN THE KIDS ARE GROWING UP.----------- THEN THE FELLOWING WEEK IM GOING TO THE N.Y.GIANTS VS. THE CLEVE. BROWNS AT THE MEADDOWLANDS....and he last of the BQQ - EATING for me pre-game in the parking lot with all my sons friends...SO to all the investors here, its time to seat back and wait for the news that shd be good news and we break threw the 52 week high print of $3.20......SAYS THE WILD WEST OF NEW JERSEY

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    • FUNNY THING HAPPEN AFTER I TYPED THIS !!!!! WE went from on the volume from 8,780 to over $20,000......NOW to the funny part """ === NO ONE READS ME HERE IM TOLD HERE ===""",,, hahahahahahahahahahahah, I think for one this is funny ..................

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