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  • flashywildwest flashywildwest Nov 2, 2012 2:44 PM Flag

    Going up

    AGAIN YOU HV NO RIGHT TO POINT A FINGER AT ANYONE PERIOD.......I asked you to come clean and prove that in your message now , and for the future you were real....THE question was a easy-one i feel if you werent lieing about shorting this stock....SOOOOOOOOO AGAIN ILL ASK YOU...WHAT firm---or----brokerage-house let you SHORT-Z-TRIM.....YOU DONT ANSWER AGAIN ,,,, then all here then ===KNOW=== FOR IN THE FUTURE U ARE NOTHING BUT A LIER, r about u being able to short this stock P.E.R.I.O.D.........YOU can hand the #$%$ here to some of the poss. farmers here, butt u will never get it past a person like myself that you were typing the truth.........AGAIN , its your call....give the name of the firm.....or be known here as a low-life-lier and not to be trusted typing anything here in HE FUTURE..........YOU hv a nice weekend debaiting on coming clean here , or be known every time u type here that im going to call u out , and bring this message to the for front for all to see what kind a person u realllllllllllllly are......and thats not a truthful o.n.e..........says THE WILD WEST OF NEW JERSEY.......ONE OF THE ONLY TWO PEOPLE THAT HAS ALWAYS TOLD THE TRUTH HERE, AND THE OTHER BEING ===== ----ACE-TRUCKER-----

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Dude, are you that stupid? She never pointed a finger at anyone. She never mentioned you or anyone else in her post. What are you taking? I want some of whatever it is. She is long this stock. Why give her a hard time? We're on the same side. I can't believe soe of the garbage you type. Go away! There is not a single person on this board, except maybe eldypk, that wants you here. You keep getting suspended for bothering people. How many times have you been suspended already? Let's see, you were Bubba rocks first, I wonder how many people remember that one, then you were Wildwest, then thewildwest, then wildwest1949, then........., now flasywildwest. You get suspended soooooo much. You will never learn. Stop with all you stupidity.

      • 1 Reply to dr.zings
      • I appreciate the support but I really have absolutely no intention of responding to anything the idiot types. The more you respond to him the more fuel you give him, he seems to get off by the responses. Anyone who has anything to do with him is just as bad off as he is. I've always had a problem with the board clown and that will never end. He seems to think he has people here that rely on his investing advice, can you imagine taking advice from this lunatic? Anyway, don't respond to his rants, but I do appreciate the replies in my favor.

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