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  • flashywildwest flashywildwest Dec 9, 2012 10:43 AM Flag


    I PERSONLY AGREE WITH ALOT OF WHAT WAS TYPED HERE, BUTT NOT EVERYTHING. THE problem with the words that were used in the end of this message in a way would turn people off....." I guess "........LETS just say the person that typed this "
    Rreally likes the company---Z-trim , and wants to let all know about it and why ".......AS I stated in the past on a few messages i hv left here, [[[--- Im not going to ask anyone to buy the stock, because I like it. IM not stating a case anymore " WHY " others shd buy it or how smart in this case vs the price---]]].............................. " BUY SCALE DOWN AND DOLLAR AVG. THE PRICE FOR " THERE **** INVESTMENT **** OF Z-TRIM "......People that read me direct , seem never to leave a message on what they think of what I typed, or when it does happen , I draw the worse this m.b. can offer. I THINK in the end to buying scale down ( using open-orders or as the brokers call them G.T.C. ORDERS , say starting @ $2.50 or $2.25 down to that poss. low-one-time-print of $1.86 WAS STILL A GOOD DEAL , AND U ARE THE WINNER IN THE END. WE will hv a come-back in the price sooooooooner than later I feel, with all the good news still coming from the company , the industery , and wall street in genl....TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDAGE ...""" NO ONE HAS EVER KNOCKED THE MGMT IN PLACE HERE NOW , STARTING WITH THE C.E.O. , THE PRODUCT THEY MAKE , OR AT THE QUALITY THEY MADE IT AT......T.H.I.S. TO M.E. IS WAY I BROUGHT THE STOCK, OWN THE STOCK STILL, AND WILL BE A BUYER THIS COMING WEEK STARTING DEC.10 2012.......OTHERS do what they want or in some cases hv to do , when it comes to Z-trim for the last 12 -or- 13 trading days off the res of 2012............I WANT TO SAY THIS NOW, IS ,,, we closes at these levels this year I would be personly disapointted at the price, butt im not or will be ever disaponitted with the people, the mgmt , the c.e.o. for " I KNOW " they give there all every day there , and yes again , " I saw that ist hand when i was there this year......THE WILD WEST OF NEW-JERSEY""""".....MERRY-XMAS TO ALL AT Z-TRIM FROM YOUR #1 INVESTOR HERE ON THE YAHOO MESSAGE BOARD.....AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK FOR ALL OF US.....HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL AGAIN....SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.......

    Sentiment: Hold

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