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  • flashywildwest flashywildwest Dec 28, 2012 10:20 AM Flag

    What I want to know is,

    Lauriel and hardy here on the ist two people that hv there names here......these two clowns werent using these names last year when stock went from .75 cents to $3.50.....right boys !!! ( notice i didnt say [-men-], it isnt anyone's who owns this stocks job to answer all the stupid questions on the most part from this two clowns , when the answers are on this message board all ready---( butt they hv other things both to do like go to ===========other stocks and do the same stupid things they do here ===========right investors........) again do your own d/d ...look at webb-site....y.e.s.... They hv one......look at other companys m.b like ......a.o.l.....etc........last if you hvnt brought stock by now , and u hvnt e.v.e.r. Own this stock ,,, [[[===z-trim===]]] again why are you attack the people that own the stock, know the story, and u trying to get your rocks-off as the stock inchs down , like almost every stock out there is , and will be till at least feb---march---of 2013........get a life you two.....

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