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  • milkhauler2012 milkhauler2012 Dec 30, 2012 10:04 AM Flag

    OTC Stock

    When reading 10Q from Aug 14 2012, I see in the Investment Banking Agrreement section, on Feb 17 2012 Ztrim enterd into an agreement with Legend Securities for payment of $10,000 per month for 18 months and issued warrants for 550,000 shares with an exercise price of .71 per share Upon looking into Legend I read they are a market maker for OTC stocks amoung other things, with offices in New York and New Jersey, can anyone THAT KNOWS THE TRUTH tell me if they are the market maker for Ztrim and if they are, could they be selling their stock in Ztrim and whip sawing the price in their favor....Honest answers only please. tia

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    • YOU SIR ANSWER THIS QUESTION.....O.K.........FOR A CHANGE......((((( --- LETS SEE YOU ANSWER THIS LIKE YOU ASK ===E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E.=== ELSE TO DO WHEN THEY PUT UP A QUESTION/MESSAGE HERE ...O.K.......---))))..... THE company/Z-rim needed the services of this company to help them get the word out on the street about them and what they were doing in the food field, and bring in New Investors which they have....... DO U THINK ---DOPIE---- THIS COMPANY WAS GOING TO DO THIS FOR " * F*R*E*E * ??? ".......they got payed by Z-trim for there services at the time at about 1/2 in cash to fund the work they had to do in exprences , and then got the warrents to get the real pay day for the work they did.........if.......keeping in mind they get the stock price higher and can hold it there for a time, if on the other hand the stock doesnt go "UP ", the warrents would be worth next to -------Nothing-------- and they would hv to take the hit on that...........Was it a good deal for them ? , Well as it turn out YES...BUTT, it was also a winner for the investors here, that invested in the company tooooo , like you and I.............NEXT FOR THE RECORD : " [[[- I Can't Stand Legend Securities....Period --- ]]] ".....but the mgmt at Z-trim used them anyway and for the record the stock with them in it and there investors in it , " in a free open mkt ( the o.t.c. or pink sheets ) " got the stock from ------Under-a-Dollar----- to------ Three Dollars and Fifty Cents a share in a 12 month period.......NO ONE ON THIS M.B. , said a word as the stock was being brought up from under a dollar to the high print of $3.50....right ??? u all remember that...............IF YOU SIR WERE A TRUE SHAREHOLDER, THIS QUESTION YOU ASK WOULD MEAN MORE TO ME, BUTT AGAIN , YOU DONT WANT TO DO YOUR OWN D/D ON Z-TRIM AND HV " ONLY KNOCKED THE STOCK FROM DAY ONE YOU STARTED HERE "...............YOU missed the boat the last time it went up.....for the record from THE WILD WEST MAN IN NEW JERSEY === DONT BE STUPID AND MISS IT AGAIN===.........O.K..........WE will be back up this year with you or without your purchase of 100 shares either way.........later alllllllllllllllllllllll.

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    • Received a thumbs down in a hurry on that one lol

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