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  • boxcompany1 boxcompany1 Feb 24, 2013 9:29 PM Flag


    Evidently the propoganda artists are o disturbed bt the
    FACTS they want to kill the messenge. What am Imissing
    here? Should I lie about the facts? I did not even colmment
    on the facts - just presented them. But one thing is sure-
    this disaster disaster is being held together by Brightline or
    they'd have gone broke a long time ago. The truth is this is
    mot an "investment". just a crazy gamble.
    The touts love it - guess what? They can have it!
    yhis is not an "investment", just a reckless gamble

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    • TO: THE BOXLESSWONDER069,,,FIRST, WHEN WERE YOU EVER A SHAREHOLDER...PLS. ADV.....2ND. WHEN HV YOU EVER SAID A GOOD THING ON THE COMPANY---PRODUCTS...OR MGMT...PLS ADV.....3RD AND LAST. WHO DIED AND LEFT YOU KING OF THE ZTHO MESSAGE BOARD ...PLS ADV.....THIS message is from a person that says he goes " both - ways " so he has a better chance to find a date on friday night.......hahahaha......DOES anyone here take him seriosly ?... I dont.....NUMBERS can be made to look anyway the person wants them to be. USING his numbers he tells you the company has more than double sales FOUR years in a row at least, keeping in mind we were almost bankrupt when this C.E.O. got the company from the loser halpern and family...You hv to spent money to make money, and we had to get more machines ,,, " ON-LINE AND TRAIN PEOPLE TO WORK THEM RIGHT ! "...WE hv now done that. So short term we will hv poss. higher expenses than the past " normal expenses "....but give it a little time as we are now I guess going full steam and in the next 6 months for sure, the numbers will tell the real tale of the tape for this company. (((---NOTE: WE STILL HV NO INVENTORY FOR WE SELL EVERYTHING WE MAKE BEFORE ITS M.A.D.E. ---))) NOW to address this brightline thing..... IF you were brightline and u had a large investment in a small-cap company would u protect it ?...I sure as hell would.....DOES THIS FOOL or anyone else think if Brightline walked away it would be,,, Better for the company ???...Its stock and shareholders ???...The companys future ???....IF YOU SAID YES TO ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS, AND U ARE A SHAREHOLDER THEN ITS POSS. IT TIME TO LEAVE HERE AND GET OUT OF THE Z-TRIM STOCK U DO HV....WE are in strong hands I feel with the shareholder-family we hv at this time for the most part. I dont like the giving of shares to pay expenses at this time, but we must hold on to the cash to improve the company, and get larger without runnnnnning to the banks for money. WE now hv a open line of credit with anyone we want to do business with thanks to this C.E.O. again cleaning up Halperns-Ztm Corps. Mess........IM A INVESTOR,,, INVESTOR INVEST, IM HAPPY WITH ALL THATS HAPPEN HERE SO FAR....IF you are not, then sell and leave, again in the case of this foooooooool he has never owned a share of stock and never will.......lets hv a good week here.........THE WILD WEST OF N.J......NOTE: I HV TYPE GOOD---AND---BAD ON THIS STOCK, AND REMEMBER THIS CLOWN HAS ====NEVER==== HAD A NICE THING TO SAY HERE with him its the same old b/s every message.....right ???

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    • Okay - whatever "touts" are.....I guess I'm guilty as charged.....I'll stick with my "crazy gamble" and my "reckless gamble" .I've never disputed the "FACTS" about the past or current financial situation, genius.

      Have you ever stopped to think that the people at Brightline might think they're making a good investment ? How about this.....I'll gamble on the guys with millions of dollars behind them to invest and you take your five figure portfolio and go back to watching CNBC..

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      • are truly a funny did bring up a fact that its there money, they feel there backing a winner , and the gay-blade here doesnt hv a penny in the game.....and as far as watching nbc.....YOU HV TO HV A T.V. AND CABLE IST BEFORE U CAN DO THAT.....I SAY " HE CANT " BECAUSE HE HAS NEITHER ONE....hahahahahahahahahaha.............HV A NICE DAY AND WEEK....DOW DUE HIGHER THIS MORNNG , BUT BETTER ---GOLD---SILVER---COPPER ARE ALLLLLL WAY HIGHER FROM FRIDAYS CLOSE....................LOVE ---AIG--- MID TO POSS. LONG-TERM.....GOOD MGMT AND THEY ARE COMING BACK STRONG.....

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