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  • flashywildwest flashywildwest Mar 11, 2013 9:09 AM Flag


    Yessssssssssssssssssssssss, why ?, well for a change u tell me all out there that are tried of reading me,,,, the ball is now in your court..... Or......... All the non-flashywildwest people here are gutless, or dont hv a clue but come on the board to knock or tap on the shoulder of the ones here that put it out there to try to keep everyone in the game........this is something i do know......last time when we broke the $3.00 level , many that did take $$$-money-off-$$$ the table --- like i said they shd--- [[[ [[-----remember my message about getting your principal out of the stock so u would be like me with o.n.l.y. The profit left and on the line ---or --- you would be only useing there money-----]]]]] .....many did , and believe it or not got on the m.b. Here and """ thanked -me for the help i gave freely for almost a year that made them $$$$$$$$$$$ """......others were just ignorant ,, and jealous that i had it right , and n.e.v.e.r. - w.a.v.e..- o.f.f. Of my opinton......bull or bear hv a nice day and a good week on your portolio.....being ---mean--- is a very ugly think about that bears/bashers , whatever you are......

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    • ronr uses too many yahoo ID's and he's full of sheet.

    • Apparently, my access to this forum was restricted for awhile as a result of posts I made a week or so ago. It's easy for people to be loud and insulting, but tougher to face the facts. So, I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that no one has asked for the Chaiken email that I referenced, which confirms that ZTHO's debt, in the form of derivative liability, increases as the stock price increases.

      It amuses me that some of you apparently feel you are going to get rich very quickly off this stock. Anything is possible, of course, and I hope it happens for you, but unless there is a drastic change in the offing, the low volume in trading is surely restrictive. I only had 10K shares, and it took about a week, if not more, to unload them when I made the decision to do so because of the debt situation.

      In any event, my offer stands. For anyone who has the guts, send me your email address and I'll send you the Chaiken email. Or, perhaps you don't need it because you have called Mr. Chaiken himself. I hope so, as I would still like to have a meaningful discussion of the "increasing stock price increases debt" scenario.

      Good luck to all.

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