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  • ace_trackers ace_trackers Mar 18, 2013 6:55 PM Flag


    I need to alert you to something you really need to know. You claimed to have bought RAD at $1.77 and $1.73. You need to look at more than just the posted drop when they drop fast and furious. As it is always picked up wrong by Yahoo, Nasdaq, and all sites. The actual low price today for RAD was $1.785 so your phantom trades never happened at those prices.

    Sorry to have to bust this news to you..........................ace

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    • YEAH IM MAKING MONEY ....AND MOST HERE AINT...........**** THATS WHATS REALLY FISHY-HERE in Z-rimville ***........JEALOUSY CAN KILL YOU...............HV A NICE DAY....WE ARE STARTING OFF GOOD FOR ME.....hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • ace, we've all on here have figured him out. He wants everyone to think he's some big time trader. He lies about so much. One day he says he owns 2000 shares of GE and the next week he says I would never own GE stock. He acts like he drops $50,000.00 on a stock like other people buy a cup of coffee. He does own 300 shares of ZTHO so he wasn't lying about that. He should buy more but atleast he owns 300 shs. He lies so much it's hard to tell when he's telling the truth, which is almost NEVER.

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      • If he wouldnt have posted the jibberish everyday I would have never checked it out. I always give folks the benifit of the doubt and really dont care to exchange words with them or about them. Im here for one reason and its the same as most investors. So I give up arguing with Folks. I'll post it as I see it and thats the way it is. ZTHO is a winner and when I see what Im looking for I'll make the call again to buy unless the news beats me...........................ace

    • Att: harrylower--than low,,,, its you that are mixed up my friend ,,, im now retired at 63 years old.....i dont hv to work.......i was in the food indu. Past 17 years + before that commodites on the floor of the exch. At the world trade center..., and i started in stocks.....all in the front office if u even know what that wife works at a bank.....she doesnt own it ....nor is it food-bank were people like yourself go that are poor and hv nothing to friend...hv a nice day..... Less

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